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Do Mail-Order Marriages Exist?

May 14, 2020
mail order bride stories

The web is rich for doubting comments of those who don't trust in mail order bride success. They say women on online sites are haunting for money and fun only. Are all mail order brides as bad as they say? Go on reading about real experience and make your own decisions.

Tatiana, married a French

I had a huge problem with dating Russian men due to their addiction to cheating and abusing me. I was sure I would end up all alone or will have to suffer in unhappy relations. My world has changed when my friend has recommended me a mail order bride website.

First, it was all new and terrifying for me. But her mail order bride success inspired me to become a woman ready for an international marriage myself. After a few months of hopeless searching online, Luke contacted me, and our first chat was 3 hours long. It felt like we knew each other for a long time. To cut the story short, now we're married, and I live in France. I'm happy in my international marriage!

Larisa, dating an American

Do mail-order marriages work? I can’t say as I'm not married yet ;) But Tom and I are already talking about the future, and we both would love to end up married.

At the beginning of our communication, he asked me many questions about my intentions. It's because Tom was afraid of being with an insincere girl. He heard a lot of bad things about Russian mail order wives. But I guess he was lucky, and he has me now. ;) He liked St. Petersburg when he visited me 3 months ago, and now we're planning my little trip to Boston. He wants to introduce me to his mom, and I'm very much nervous.

mail order bride marriage

Irina, married an Australian

I was a mail-order bride. When we first contacted, Alex had little belief in the whole industry. It was a surprise for me!

I couldn't understand how women can marry a man only because he's a foreigner from a rich country. I noticed that Alex is from Australia only on our second chat! As I was too overwhelmed with his beach photo, lol.

We felt very comfortable from the very first chat, and for me, it was never a matter of nationality. I just liked him. I felt attraction like with all my previous boyfriends. The only difference is that we were far away from each other. My mail order bride experience is successful as now I have a beloved husband and two homes - Russia and Australia.

Have these stories inspired you? Be decisive and start your own love story with the help of our platform!

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