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Slovenian Mail Order Brides

Slovenian women make perfect wives and wonderful girlfriends. Here’s how to date Slovenian girls

Dating And Marrying A Slovenian Girl: The Whys And Hows

Are you planning to visit Slovenia and want to spend a week with a beautiful Slovenian girl? Do you want to find a wife? Do you think about marrying a Slovenian mail order bride? Or maybe you are just looking for safe and decent Slovenia dating sites? Well, in all these cases, you'll need to know more about these beautiful ladies. Just read this short article and you'll get all your questions answered!

Slovenia women
The most popular site
One of the top mail order bride websites for today. Many years of successful work, a great database with beautiful Eastern European women looking for foreign husbands, and a lot of communication tools to use. This dating platform has an excellent reputation among its users: the customer rated it as 9.6/10. Moreover, the response rate is 96%, so you can often count on a good and active communication. One more benefit of VictoriaHearts is that here you only pay for what you use. There is no membership for a huge price that is much more than your demands. The material approach is very wise, and you use your sources in a smart way.
Anastasia Date Slovenia
Editors choice
Being online for more than 25 years, AnastasiaDate has won the reputation of a perfect dating venue. It has proved its ability to connect the loving hearts despite the distance, and the reputation of AnastasiaDate speaks for itself. The services and safety are on the very high level. You can trust the site's team to help you communicate with the ladies in various ways, as well as deliver flowers or gifts to the girl of your dreams or even organize a Romance Tour to the selected country. During that trip, you meet several girls and get acquainted with the local culture.
Slovenia girl
The most visited site today
LoveSwans has already been on the dating market for more than five years, and a lot of happy couples can prove its efficiency. This mail-order bride source works and the love stories posted there are quite persuasive. The site's setting is advanced, starting with an attractive design and finishing with the high-quality service. You get help and support in anything you might need, and the site's team tries to make your communication with potential brides as pleasant and effective as possible.
Slovenia wife
KissRussianBeauty is another mail-order bride dating platform that is worth your attention. It has already worked for around 20 years and has brought many happy international couples together. Are you fond of pretty Russian and Ukrainian singles? Do you want to marry one? You can use the services of KissRussianBeauty to find your perfect match. There are more than 20 000 female accounts, and the ladies are active online, eager to talk to the foreigners. Here the users are aimed seriously, so if you are looking for a woman to marry, KissRussianBeauty might be the site you are searching for.

Are Slovenian brides really so good? Why?

Former Yugoslavia. Melania Trump. Caves. Wine. Stunning landscapes. These words come to mind of the majority of Western men when they hear the word “Slovenia”. However, that’s not all.

This country is also known for its amazing women. Lots of men from the US, UK, and other first-world countries visit Slovenia every year — and they all are charmed by thousands of beautiful Slovenian women. Here, we’ll tell you 5 reasons, why Slovenian women are certainly worth your attention — so read more, if you want to know more about these beautiful ladies!

They are very beautiful. Slovenian beauty is hard to explain — these women are Slavic, but this subgroup is called South Slavs. They have darker skin tones (their skin is usually more olive), darker eyes, and dark hair, and they are really hotter than the East Slavs (no offense, girls!). As all Slavic women, Slovenian ladies are naturally beautiful — and what's even more important, they don't overuse makeup. You'll be surprised by a number of relaxed, casual, and extremely beautiful women when you visit this country. Needless to say, almost all of them have a good fashion sense, which means they are not just naturally beautiful, but also really stylish! They also adore sport, like hiking or riding a bike — so their figures are perfect. Seriously, you have to see it with your own eyes. You will not be disappointed.

Another piece of good news is that you shouldn't worry about cheating. High moral standards are a very pleasant feature of all Slavic women, and Slovenians are not an exception. They are ready to do everything to create a strong family and to build a strong relationship, and they respect their boyfriends/husbands unconditionally. If you're looking for beautiful and 100% loyal women, well, it looks like you've just found them.

They are kind and fun. It's one of those true stereotypes about Slovenian people: they are really open-minded. The thing is, Slovenians are not like Americans — they don't usually smile at strangers while walking on the street, that's true. But when you start talking to them (even if you haven't ever met before), everything changes and they become very polite, kind, and friendly. The same is with dating — when you first meet a Slovenian girl, she may look quite cold, but she'll break the ice very soon. This also applies to the relationships with a Slovenian woman — she will always (well, almost always) be fun and friendly, and you will never be bored!

User reviews
  • Jordan Franklin
    Jordan Franklin
    I didn't know how people did it until I tried. Thanks to this site I'm engaged to the most wonderful woman of all. Don't underestimate how dating sites can change your life. Mine changed completely, and although I wasn't quite prepared for it, now I like it a lot. The site is convenient, easy-to-use, doesn't take much of your time and brings impressive results. The pricing is reasonable, so I'm more than satisfied. The service I got was good — well, there's a real proof for it. Mail order bride system worked perfectly!
  • Troy Barrett
    Troy Barrett
    With no long entries: I have found what I came for here. It may be a surprise to someone, but love is possible to find anywhere. If you have never considered registering on a mail order bride website as an option, you better change your mind. I'm now a husband of a woman I have met here. At first, both of us didn't take it seriously, but now, as we have lived some time in a marriage, all I have to say is: dare. It is totally worth it. I enjoy this kind of change in my life.
  • Arron Simmons
    Arron Simmons
    To be honest, I have never believed that it's possible to find love online, without seeing a person in reality. I couldn't imagine how you could fall in love without seeing the girl move and behave, hear her speak. Maybe it was just on a whim, but despite all that, I decided to register on this site. And, apparently, it worked the best for me! Now I am a happy man living my life with a beautiful wife by my side. Never imagined it was so easy to make a dream come true.

They are family-oriented. Well, of course, it’s not like all Slovenian ladies dream of having children and sitting at home, no. They just prefer serious relationships — even Tinder is more like a dating app than an app for hookups here in Slovenia. You don’t have to propose your Slovenian girl as soon as possible, but you have to be focused on long-term relationships if you want to have a chance with her.

Slovenian society is quite traditional — people respect traditional gender roles here, and the girls are usually raised to be good mothers and wives. They all want to have strong and successful families, so if you have similar goals, your chances are very, very high.

They are Westernized. It sounds like something is wrong here, right? How could all those beautiful Slovenian women be Westernized and family-oriented at the same time? What about the triumph of feminism?

Well, that’s probably the greatest feature of Slovenian women. They are both traditional and modern, both independent and family-oriented, both self-confident and feminine. They are influenced by Western trends, but these trends are blended with their culture and traditions — and the result is just perfect. Have you ever met a feminine, beautiful, and romantic woman? Have you ever met smart, independent, and confident lady? What about all these qualities mixed in one person? Sounds great, right?

Another cool thing about these ladies is that they will always support you no matter what. They are 100% loyal, and they believe that husband, children, parents, and family are the most important things for everyone. That’s why they make perfect wives, without any doubts.

They are emotional. There is a stereotype about Slavic women being cold and unapproachable. This stereotype is completely false when it comes to Slovenian brides. They are passionate and emotional, but they are definitely not drama queens. Again, it's all about the balance between being too emotional and being too cold. And again, the women in Slovenia keep the balance perfectly.

Dating Slovenian women: what you have to know

Do you want to find the best Slovenian brides who are looking for a foreigner? Well, at first, you’ll have to find a safe Slovenia dating site. It may take quite a while, but don’t worry: if you don’t want to spend several hours testing the sites and reading the reviews, we have something for you here. Only the safest Slovenia dating sites with thousands of real hot singles from this country are already waiting for you — so everything you should do now is choosing any of them and start talking to the ladies.

Now, when you are ready to find a Slovenian mail-order bride, you most likely want to find several tips on how to date them. Here they are — these seven short tips will definitely help you to understand how it all works.

  1. Almost every Slovenian mail-order bride knows English. What’s more, the absolute majority of young people speak English at a good level. However, it would be nice if you learn at least several phrases in the Slovene language. It would be really nice, and it would be another interesting subject to talk about.
  2. You are expected to be the leader in the relationships. Traditional society has traditional rules. One of the most important things you have to know is that you'll have to take the lead. Plan your first wedding, choose a place, plan everything — and you will love the result.
  3. Always be honest. Your Slovenian woman will always speak frankly and will not try to hide anything from you. The same applies to you — just remember that lie is a red flag for Slovenians. Be honest, and your relationship will be perfect.
  4. These women are not materialistic. Yet, you must be financially stable. It doesn't mean that you must be a billionaire, of course — a stable income is enough. Well, even being a student is actually enough.
  5. Slovenians are patriots. So, show some interest in her country and culture. Ask her about everything you see — we can guarantee that almost every building has an interesting history in Slovenia, so it will really be interesting for you to hear all those stories and urban legends. Plus, it’s a great way to know her better and to keep the conversation flowing.
  6. Use Slovenia dating apps and websites. Clubs are not the best places to meet women here, because the clubbing culture is completely different in Slovenia. Women usually go to nightclubs to relax with their friends, not to find a man. Of course, there are some women in the clubs who want to find short-term relationships (like, very short-term), but that’s not an option if you want to find a Slovenian mail-order bride.
  7. You will not get laid on a first date. The same is about the second date. Yes, these ladies are very open-minded, but you still shouldn’t rush — show her that you are a polite and kind, and you’ll get everything you want a little later.
  8. Take care of her, trust her, respect her. If you follow these very simple rules, you will get the best girlfriend and wife ever. Lots of Slovenian guys don't follow these rules — so simply show your woman that you are better than them and she will certainly fall in love with you! 
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