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Bulgaria is one of the most historically-rich and ancient countries of the world. The First Bulgarian Empire came into existence in 681 by Khan Asparuh and consisted primarily of horse riders, nomadic tribes, and people of different beliefs and tongues.
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Attributes of Bulgarian brides

Bulgarian women are mostly tall with white skin, brown eyes, and are blessed with slim physique. They are said to possess old family secrets that they use for keeping themselves energized and young-looking at all times. Some of these potions and recipes have survived and passed down from one generation to another.

This is why a majority of Bulgarian mail order brides do not rely on beauty treatments of expensive cosmetics to enhance their beauty or stay gorgeous and young. They only make use of skin treatments and home remedies that have been in existence for centuries and native to the Bulgarian culture.

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Bulgarian women are devoted to family

A proud Bulgarian girl never puts her interests above those of her family. She can decide not to work full-time and focus entirely on her family.

They are loyal

Bulgarian mail order brides are incredibly loyal to their spouses and family members. You will never see a Bulgarian girl talk ill of her family. An impermissible sign of disregard or disrespect in Bulgaria is talking behind someone’s back. Since both Bulgarian men and girls are proud, you should be careful what you say in their presence so as not to be forced to eat your words or face wrathful confrontation.

Bulgarian brides will do anything to defend her family to any extent. This is why it is common for a Bulgarian woman to have a few clashes with individuals that speak ill of either her husband or kids.

These girls are not violent creatures, but they have such an intimidating personality and instincts to protect their own, which forces offenders to recoil or pull back from any confrontation.

Bulgarian girls are Independent

Bulgarian girls have been taught from childhood about the importance of savings as well as how to take care of themselves. Every beautiful Bulgarian bride is expected to know how to work for themselves.

Getting quality education as a Bulgarian woman is not for fun; they are expected to use their certifications to get a well-paying job. Then, they can proceed to secure her financial future as well as saving enough cash for entertainment and rainy days.

If you marry a Bulgarian woman, you can be sure that your finances are in good hands. Even if things turn out negatively and there’s little money in the family, the sheer determination of your wife will see you through.

Unbeatable cooking skills

There is nothing under the sun that beats a well prepared Bulgarian food, and if you have heard many tales about their cuisine, then they are all probably true. Bulgarian meals are not only delicious but also some of the most abundant and healthiest you can find in the world.

There is always more than enough food when a Bulgarian family sits to eat, as handed down through generations. According to ancient Bulgarian tradition, a family must always be prepared to accept and welcome visitors at any time of the day.

This is why the quantity of food at any given meal time is usually more than enough to feed the people presently sitting at the table. Bulgarian girls learn and know how to cook traditional food such as “tripe soup,” “shopka salad,” and “musaka” from elderly girls or their mothers.

What makes Bulgarian women so special?

Bulgarian brides are beautiful

Bulgarian ladies are attractive, with or without makeup as they are naturally beautiful. Most of these girls have fair and glowing skins with luxurious dark hair that mesmerizes the eyes.

Single Bulgarian women have exquisite character

It is said that beauty and personality makes a great woman. This is very true, at least regarding women from the exotic nation of Bulgaria. Bulgarian women possess good character and beauty in spades. This is the primary reason why they are garnering a lot of attention from single or marriageable men outside Bulgaria.

Bulgarian brides accept foreign men

Gone are the days when marriages between foreigners and Bulgarian girls were frowned at. Bulgarian mail order brides are now very open to international marriages, and they will never compete with a man because they are not only feminine but love the fact that they are girls.

Bulgarian women are genuinely interested in building a family

Bulgarian mail order brides are not only stunning, but they also make excellent wives, mothers, and companions as well.

They are good at building homes and usually have close and organized families. A Bulgarian girl will go out of her way to cook the best meals you have ever tasted such that you will find it difficult to eat out.

Bulgarian mail order brides also know how to keep the house spick and span; of course, the kids are second on the list after you when it comes to love and affection. She knows how to and will instill the best values, ethics, etiquette in your children. A Bulgarian woman will make you feel needed, loved, and appreciated.

They will shower you with affection and undiluted love

No Bulgarian bride takes her husband for granted. This is because they have been taught right from childhood the attributes of loving, respecting, and submitting to their husbands.

A Bulgarian woman will make an excellent companion because they are naturally kind and will stick with you no matter what you are passing through. However, they don’t accept ill treatment from any man.

Bulgarian girls are always vivacious and mysterious

Surprises and mystery encompass most Bulgarian ladies. There will be nothing called “boredom” in your home when you are with a Bulgarian bride. This is because they are gifted with the talent of springing pleasant surprises all the time. They love to have fun and are exceptionally creative when it comes to searching out ways to have fun without going overboard.

What do Bulgarian ladies need in a man?

Bulgarian brides are not attracted to every man who gets in touch with them. It is easy to find a Bulgarian girl, but making her fall in love with you is a hard nut to crack. A Bulgarian woman can determine if you would be a good husband or not within the first hour of meeting you.

She does this by asking several pointed questions to ascertain your stand with your family and how healthy your relationship with them is. So, expect questions from your potential Bulgarian bride about how hardworking you are; your cultural level; your thoughts about Bulgarian customs and traditions, etc.

The best way to turn off a Bulgarian girl is to show how lazy you are. Bulgarian ladies will have none of that as they are only interested in active and hardworking men.

Moreover, Bulgarian mail order brides are "human lies detectors," so don’t try to deceive your potential bride in any way. She will see through all the lies and the risk of losing her love, trust, and friendship can be tremendous.

To sum up

So, there you have it - the comprehensive guide you need to secure a Bulgarian bride for yourself. Take the bold step and look for love at any of the mail order websites highlighted in this article and be on your way to living the life of your dreams!

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