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Slavic brides are waiting for you at AnastasiaDate!

When we search for love, we use every way we know. It can be a not so easy thing because our soulmate doesn't necessarily live nearby. Someone who truly loves and understands you may come from a different country and even the different part of the world! But even such a case is not a tragedy. Dating sites can fix this situation and lead to happy love life.

Anastasia Date is a mail-order bride website which has been on the market for 25 years and has gathered a team of true professionals giving any assistance to the people who want to find their love. If you are new to online dating, you won't have any difficulties using the site because, firstly, you will get full support, and, secondly, you won't be confused with the site's setting as it is very easy to understand.

About AnastasiaDate

Having become a growing trend today, online dating inspires confidence in more and more people who search for love. It is fast, easy and romantic to talk to someone on the other continent and dream of the real-life meeting.

AnastasiaDate is an expert in online dating. It is one of the oldest mail order bride sites for today, so it has big experience and has proven to be efficient. A lot of people are satisfied with the results they get thanks to AnastasiaDate, and you can even read their success stories online.

This site has more than 80 million online visitors annually, which is an incredible number and impresses a lot. So many people can't be wrong, and there is something special about this particular dating platform, so don't hesitate to give it a try. Who knows, maybe the love of your life waits for you somewhere here, and one of the profiles on AnastasiaDate is your destiny! 

Is it convenient in use?

Even the newcomer figures out how to use the site within minutes. You can use it and understand what to do intuitively. There are no manuals needed to understand the basics. However, if you happen to have any difficulties, customer support service works round the clock, and you can ask them any questions you have.

The design of AnastasiaDate is very inviting, so you develop the desire to stay. The colors are light and not irritating so you take full pleasure from using the site.

The registration process is easier than ever: you just fill in a little form which asks for your name, email, and password. Or, to make it even easier, you have a chance to sign in with your Facebook account. It saves time, and you can start chatting minutes after the registration.

The daily exchange of messages covers the number of 1.5 million texts. If it were hard to use the service, AnastasiaDate wouldn't have so many customers and such online activity. So, even if you try online dating for the first time, it is no big deal, and you can succeed as well as those who have already tried mail order bride venues.

How do I find the one?

The services AnastasiaDate offer are no very different from the other dating sites. However, the quality of them is very high, and you will be able to see that yourself when you register and give it a try.

You can start the search process right after you set up your profile. You can sort out the ladies by certain qualities or make the search wide and general if you are not yet certain about who you like more. But, in fact, it is a good idea to be precise in your wishes, as it can make the searching process more efficient. AnastasiaDate offers many filters that you can use while looking for a perfect match, so try to play with them. When you get used to this system, you will find a way to use it in the most effective way. 

What can AnastasiaDate do for me?

You come to the dating site for communication and interaction, and you can get that on Anastasia Date with the various services it offers.

For example, you can reach to the lady you like with instant messages or emails. It is a regular way of communication and, in fact, the most popular one. It is nice because when you get a pleasant message, you can reread it again and again, which is very romantic.

If you admire seeing the woman's face during the conversation, you can order a video call. Video dates are also a famous way of online communication today, and it is really charming to see your soulmate move, hear them speak and fell that they are real. The distance doesn't matter when you can see each other and almost feel that you're near.

If you are serious in your intention to get a foreign wife, you can order a Romance Tour at AnastasiaDate. It is a trip to the country you select, organized specially for you. You don't just go abroad and discover the new culture, but also get acquainted with a few women in their motherland. It is an unforgettable experience which can turn out to be life-changing in the end!

Am I safe on AnastasiaDate?

As AnastasiaDate has successfully worked for many years, it is considered to be a secure dating site. To protect the male customers from a scam, all ladies have to pass a verification procedure before they get a chance to register on AnastasiaDates. The verification required a document check to make sure that the identity of every single lady is real.

Of course, you also have to use your common sense while talking to women. It is your protection number one because nobody can save you better than yourself. But AnastasiaDate is ready to give you a refund if you fall a victim of a fraud on their site.

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Editor's score 9.3
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Customer Service
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Quality of Profiles
Safety & Anti-Scam
Value for Money
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Ease of Use
Customer Service
Number of Members
Quality of Profiles
Safety & Anti-Scam
Value for Money

What do I pay?

On AnastasiaDate, there is a system of packs of credits that you buy to spend on the necessary services. It is very comfortable as you only pay for what you use.

20 Credits
Visit Site
40 Credits
Visit Site
80 Credits
Visit Site
160 Credits
Visit Site
200 Credits
Visit Site

Moreover, there is an automatic billing system that refills your credit pack when you run out of them. But not everyone may find this approach suitable, so they can turn the automatic billing off.

By the way, you can win free credits by referring friends, which is a pleasant bonus and makes you want to be even more active on the site!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AnastasiaDate dating site?

It's a very big dating site, focused on ladies from Eastern European countries — there are more than 20,000,000 users on AnastasiaDate. It has a great reputation — this website was established in 1997, and there are very few websites with such a long history in this industry.

Is AnastasiaDate free?

No. You can create a profile and browse profiles for free, but all the communication methods are fee-based. If you want to send messages, to use live chat, or to use CamShare feature (it's basically a video chat), you will have to pay. The same is about the gifts — yes, you can send a bouquet of flowers to your woman, but of course, you will have to buy credits to do it.

How do AnastasiaDate credits work?

It’s simple as that: you buy credits with your credit card or by PayPal, then you start sending messages and using live chat. 1 minute of chat costs 1 credit, 1 email costs 10 credits, and 1 minute of video chat costs 6 credits (it's the most expensive service offered by AnastasiaDate). You can buy 20, 160, of 1000 credits — and of course, the more you buy, the cheaper 1 credit is.

How to create a profile on AnastasiaDate?

You'll have to enter your name and email address to create a profile. Then, you'll have to verify your email address, and after that, you can start using the site. You can also sign in with your Google account — it's even faster. It's also highly recommended to add several photos and to fill in your profile.

Is AnastasiaDate safe?

Yes, it’s a safe website. Your personal information is protected, so no one will find out that you are using this site (in case you don't want to). The site itself obtains a valid SSL certificate, so no one can't steal your passwords or your credit card details. And of course, the absolute majority of the profiles are verified, so there are no scammers here.

How can I delete my AnastasiaDate profile?

You can't delete your profile. But, you can make it invisible. Go to "Settings", then go to "My profile". After that, remove all the data (mobile phone, photo, etc.). Remove all the other personal information. After that, your account will still exist (technically), but it will be impossible to find out that this account has something to do with you.

How many members does AnastasiaDate have?

There are more than 20,000,000 members on this site, which makes AnastasiaDate one of the biggest Eastern European dating services. The sex ratio is very close to 1:1. Almost all the ladies are from Ukraine and Russia, and almost all of them have validated (100% real) profiles.

Can I use AnastasiaDate anonymously?

Yes. There is no such service here, but you can create a fake account with a fake name and a fake email address. In such a case, your profile information can’t be tied back to you, and technically, you’ll be able to use Anastasia Date anonymously.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

It’s all about the verification. If you want to make sure that all the ladies you see are 100% real, check the "Only Confirmed Profiles" box. Women have to provide a scanned copy of their ID or passports to get their profiles confirmed — and it's impossible to bypass this verification.

Is messaging free?

No, it isn’t. Messaging isn’t free on Anastasia Date, so you’ll have to buy credits to send messages. Emails and live chats are quite cheap, while video chat (it’s called CamShare, but it’s still a video chat) is a little more expensive. If you want to save money, we highly recommend buying a monthly subscription — if you buy it, you'll get 10 free live chat sessions, which means you'll have 10x3 free minutes to talk to new girls. You'll also get free credits for using different features of the website.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

0 minutes. You don’t have to wait before you’ll be able to start using Anastasia Date. All you have to do is create an account and verify your email — and when it’s done, you will be able to search for women and to talk to them!

What can I do to keep my account safe?

AnastasiaDate is a very safe dating service, so you shouldn't worry about any online threat. But of course, it's not recommended to send money to ladies and to tell them lots of details about yourself. If you want to keep your profile safe, never click on the links in the mails — some of them may be phishing. And don’t forget about googling the photos of the ladies — if you see the photo on several dating sites, it's most likely a fake account.

Happy couples
Dan & Alexandra Dan & Alexandra
My experience with online dating was not good at all, so I wanted to check what I was doing wrong. Accidentally, I came here. Here I found the sites I can register on, and knew a lot about how online dating actually goes. Thanks to this I met my husband and relocated. I’m lucky to be one of those ‘success stories’.
Taylor & Julia Taylor & Julia
Many of my online romances ended up pathetically, but it was before I discovered this place. Everything’s just cool here. A lot of info that I really needed. Maybe, if I found the site earlier, I’d meet my wife at that time already. Can’t help to share: I’m married to the best Russian woman in the whole world!!!
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