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Do you think that Slavic brides are limited to Russia and Ukraine? You miss a lot with such a position. Read this full review to explore Slovakian mail order wives. Learn the common specific features they possess and get a list of tips on how to win their heart.
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How Slovakian Brides Make Men All Over The World To Desire Them?

What do you know about Slovakia? Nothing like all the other grooms? Don’t you want to benefit from it? If you want to find a Slavic bride, it’s your lucky time. Slovakia isn’t as popular on the mail order bride market as Ukraine or Russia. It means not so many men choose this country as a love destination. So, you have a great chance to get access to all the beautiful Slovakian girls with little competition. It increases your chances to get a woman from there incredibly! Keep on reading and explore the Slovakian nature.

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Common features

To understand you want to look particularly for a Slovakian wife, you need to know what kind of women they’re first. Undoubtedly, the following rules might not work with every single women from Slovakia. So many men, so many minds, they say. But with this list, you’ll get the full picture of what is waiting for you with such a girl. Here’s how every Slovakian bride can be described.


Woman with a brain is a gift itself. And with such a brain Slovakian ladies possess it’s a double blessing. They know how to behave in the company and how to hold any conversation. You can easily discuss the current political situation with her as well as the latest cinema news. She's interested in everything going on in the world and always has her own point of view. Try to talk with her, and you’ll not notice how time flies.


That’s a common feature for all Slavic girls, and Slovakian are no exception. They possess such a special natural beauty, and it’s hard to resist that sincere warm smile. Blue eyes, blonde hair, high cheekbones, and those cute faces comprise a dream for many men. Moreover, they prefer the natural look and don’t use too much makeup. They have perfect natural beauty and are happy to demonstrate it to the world.


Slovakian women were raised in the traditional atmosphere. Most of the families are religious, so they follow all the customs on holidays. It’s common just to follow rituals their parents did, without even questioning it. Nevertheless, young girls aren’t so religious now, and with them, you might learn very little about true Slovakian traditions.


The woman is a riddle, they say. That’s definitely about Slovakian. From the first sight, you’ll think she is a calm, modest, and naive little girl. But don’t get that wrong! After a few dates, she’ll gradually show you her inner passionate, sensual tigress. These women know perfectly how to intrigue the man and make his flame burn.


They’re hardworking and seek constant self-development. She’ll never sit at home all the time. Besides work, she’ll gladly visit special courses, gym, and seminars. To get new knowledge and improve herself is her main life goal. If you want to grow together with your woman, that’s your choice. Moreover, this is exactly what kind of man they want. The one who never stops learning.

Open to the world

A date on the weekend in Paris? Climbing to the high mountain without any utilities? Fishing at night? She’ll say yes to all this! For a beautiful Slovakian girl, there’s nothing better than exploring the world and new possibilities. She’ll not refuse you even when you offer the most extraordinary things for a date. It’s always worth trying, they say. So, don’t be afraid to impress her with something exotic — she’ll appreciate this!


Despite such a burning desire to see the world and try as many new things as possible, a Slovakian mail order bride seeks comfort and family warmth. All her path of never-ending self-development is only to find a man with the same principles and settle together. Mostly, they dream about children and family gatherings every weekend. If you want serious relations in the future, try these ladies.


Usually, women aren’t ready to undergo serious changes and difficulties. Too many couples break up when some turning point comes. But it’s not about Slovakian girls. They know how to adjust to any circumstances and ready to support the husband in any dark times. Isn’t this a wife to dream about?

The customs of Slovakian women for marriage

This country is famous for its specific rules of etiquette. If you fall in love with a Slovakian bride, it’s essential to understand some basic norms of her culture. It'll help to avoid conflicts. Here are some crucial points about the etiquette and traditions in Slovakia:

  • Greetings don’t have to be effusive. It's an intervention in the private zone of the person. The most common way to say hi is to shake the hand.
  • People get acquainted as Pan (Mr.) and Pani (Mrs.) plus the surname. If you're going to meet the parents of your Slovakian mail order wife, that’s the best way of the presentation. Rare people use first names until a personal relationship has developed. Even then they're seldom used in business.
  • If someone invites you at home, come with gifts. It doesn’t matter whose house it is: of a man or woman — anyway you can’t go with empty hands. The most common presents are wine, chocolate, or flowers. But don’t give chrysanthemums or calla lilies, and don't wrap flowers in purple ribbon, as these are traditions reserved for funerals

How to get the best Slovakian bride?

After such an extended list, you’re probably feeling a huge interest in those women. But every lady requires special and unique attention. Follow these recommendations not to screw everything up and win a beautiful Slovakian heart.

  1. Find the platform. Online dating starts with a good website. You can spend days or even weeks searching for an efficient and safe network with only the best Slovakian brides and still find nothing. And you can trust our experience and read the ready full reviews on the most popular Slovakian websites instead. The choice is obvious.
  2. Buy flowers. After successful communication online, you inevitably meet your beauty in real life. The first date will determine everything. To bring a rich bouquet or even a single elegant rose will be the sign to remember. Single Slovakian ladies love to be treated like that.
  3. Pay the bill. If you offer to split the bill after the dinner in the restaurant on the first date you may forget about all the future dates, it won’t happen. More likely she’ll stop communicating with you without even explaining the reason. In Slovakian culture, it’s accepted for a man to pay for his woman. Even if it’s the first meeting. When you’re not ready to pay the bill, she’ll think you’re not ready to take responsibility for her in relationships. They look for stability, remember this.
  4. Be initiative. Man is the one who makes the first steps. Ask for a date, talk about feelings, make a proposal — everything. When a Slovakian woman has to do it for you, she’ll feel like a male. And why would she need such a husband?
  5. Be persistent to break the ice. When you take the initiative to be ready for a slow reaction. Slovakian lady might seem cold at a first glance, but her silence doesn’t mean she's senseless. It’s in their culture, the man should pursue a woman’s attention. So, don’t give up so easily and you’ll be surprised by the warmth she can give in a reply.
  6. Don’t bore her with political jokes. 40 years old Slovakian woman might still hold such a conversation, but young ladies will have nothing to say. That’s not because they know nothing about this field and are stupid. They just don’t think it’s an appropriate topic to discuss. Talk about cinema, traveling, music, and psychology instead.
  7. Be patient with sex. After the Eurotrip movie, many men think Europe is a perfect place for sex tourism. No doubt, such a movement also exists and is popular in narrow circles. But women on dating sites search for serious relations. Your offer to hook up on the first meeting will offend her, and you’ll never get a chance to contact her again.


There’s no single rule you should follow to win the heart of the Slovakian beauty. They all are different and everything depends on your personality. But the tips we shared with you will definitely make this path easier and more exciting. If after this review you have a strong desire to visit Slovakia, we recommend you explore top sites for dating Slovakian girls. Enjoy!

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