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Slovakian Mail Order Brides

Typically, the reasons range from Slovakian girls’ physical attractiveness to their adorable and wifely spirit.

All The Truth About Slovakian Women: Facts, Tips, Answers

If you want to find a Slovakian girl for marriage, you most likely have certain questions. That’s fine, all men have such questions. How to choose a good Slovak dating site? Where to find the best Slovakian brides? What are the most prominent features of these amazing ladies? Well, the answers to these (and some other) questions are already here. Don’t waste your time and read all of them right now!

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CharmDate is a mail-order bride dating platform that has functioned since 1998 and has already brought together many men and women from different parts of the world. Beautiful ladies from Russia and Ukraine have found their happiness in marriage with Western men thanks to this site. It provides all the communication tools you may need to reach for your bride overseas. The site has already won the reputation of one of the most popular dating venues for those who adore Slavic beauty, and if you can relate to it, don’t miss your chance to meet your destiny on CharmDate. Its services are worth trying, and the level of security is high. So why not?

What should you know about Slovakian women?

And we’ll start with the most interesting questions. What makes Slovakian women so perfect? Why are they so popular among Western men? What are their most prominent features?

Beauty. They have blue eyes, slim figures (often hourglass), and very beautiful faces with high cheekbones. In fact, lots of these women look very similar to Polish ladies, so if you love Slavic beauty, you will certainly not be disappointed in Slovakia. These women are also very elegant — they know how to look stylish, and they know how to use makeup to look naturally beautiful.

They are smart. Talk to any Slovakian girl and you’ll be surprised by how smart she is. The education level is quite good in this country, and the absolute majority of Slovakian brides are very interesting people. They know how to keep the conversation, and it’s really interesting to talk to them.

They are traditional. This country is quite conservative. The majority of its population is Catholic, so yes, your match will most likely be quite religious. We don't want to say that she will never kiss you or that you'll have to wait until marriage for sex — but still, the women in this country are much more religious than women in, say, the USA.

However, they are usually very sexual and passionate — but at first, you’ll have to break the ice. And you will definitely love it when you see what we’re talking about.

They are loyal and respectful.Again, the Slovakian society is quite conservative. It means that the majority of the women you meet will respect the traditional gender roles — and we can’t say that it’s something bad. These ladies never cheat on their boyfriends and husbands, they are always ready to do everything possible to save the relationships and to make a family stronger. Cheating is never an option for Slovakian brides, that’s a fact.

What’s even better, these ladies are 100% respectful. It’s all about their religion and culture — when the mothers raise their daughters in Slovakia, they teach them to respect their men and to stay by their sides whatever happens. Some feminists may say that it’s a bad thing, but we’ll say that it’s great. Traditional and respectful wife, who will never betray you — what can be better than that?

They are also growth-oriented. If you’re planning to visit a Slovakia dating site and to find a woman right now, here’s another fact you should know: these women are very ambitious. They always try to improve themselves, they are really hard-working, and they will definitely make you want to improve yourself, too. Isn’t it great? Your future wife will not sit at home 24/7, she will find a job, she will make money, and she will contribute to your family income. But without being too ambitious, of course — family and husband are always at the first place for these ladies.

They will most likely want to travel or even to resettle in your country. Especially if it's a developed first-world country, like the USA, the UK, or Germany. Oh, and don't forget about another important fact: Slovakian brides love men from other countries. If you are a foreigner, these women believe that you are much better than Slovakia guys, even without meeting you. So, use it as an advantage!

Dating a Slovakian girl: what to do? What not to do?

We are sure that you already want to find a Slovakian girl. But before you do it, we’d like to tell you two important things. The first thing is: you’ll have to find a dating site, and it must be the best Slovak dating site. Let’s be honest, clubs and streets aren’t the best places to find a woman in Slovakia. But don’t worry: finding a good site is not so difficult. Actually, we have already done this job for you! We’ve filtered out all the scam websites and those of poor quality — so now you can choose literally any of those Slovakia dating websites here and start using it without any problems.

The second thing we wanted to tell you is: we’ve collected some tips for you, and we recommend not to ignore them. There are 9 tips here, and they will certainly help you to understand more about dating Slovakian women!

  1. Buy her flowers on a first date. That's not like in the West, where you can look stupid with flowers on a first date. In Slovakia, it's a tradition — a man always buys flowers. Well, if he wants to attract and to impress his woman — and we are sure that it's exactly what you want. You will text for several weeks or months before arranging a date, so you'll have time to ask her what her favorite flower is. Oh, and don't buy an even-numbered bouquet. It's one of those superstitious things they strongly believe.
  2. Don’t expect sex talks or sex on the first date, as well as on the second one. As we’ve said, it’s a Catholic country, and women can be quite conservative here. The first date (and the second one often) is the time to break the ice and to know more about her personality. It’s not the time for cheesy jokes and dirty talks.
  3. Pay for her. Yes, American women will gladly split the bill, even if it’s the very first date. But things are different when we’re talking about a Slovakian girl. When it comes to dating Slovakian women, it’s you who pays on the first date. And on the second one. And probably on the third one as well. You can love it or hate it, but that’s the bonus that goes with traditional, family-oriented women.
  4. Buy some small gifts. Imagine that you’ve found a Slovakian mail order bride, and now you want to impress her. Small gifts are the best thing that will help you create a great first impression, along with flowers, of course. We aren’t talking about something expensive, no. Chocolate, maybe. Or her favorite perfume. Anything you can imagine.
  5. Be the leader. It’s another thing you should know about dating a Slovakian girl for marriage: she is not looking for a weak and passive man. She (all of them basically) wants to find a real man. So, if you've thought that being a "real" man is old-fashioned, you are certainly wrong. If you want to impress a Slovakian mail order bride, you’ll have to plan and to control everything, and the first date restaurant is the first test for you to pass. Are you ready to lead?
  6. Don’t drink alcohol on a first date.First date is probably not the time your Slovakian mail order bride will drink with you. Coffee or tea, maybe, but not alcohol. And of course, if she doesn't drink, you can't either. But if she drinks, it'll most likely be white wine — so if you are planning to book a restaurant, find a one with a good wine card.
  7. Be persistent and break the ice. We’ve just said that the first date is a time to break the ice — so do it! Don’t worry if your Slovakian mail order bride will act a little cold or look unapproachable. That’s all about their culture and traditions again. If you go through it (it’s not so difficult, so you definitely do), you’ll be rewarded!
  8. If it's a young woman, don't talk about politics. Older women (say, 40-50-year-olds) can tell you something interesting about politics, economics, and all this stuff, yes. Younger ladies between 18 and 30 are not interested in these subjects at all. It will be quite a boring conversation, and boring conversations are the things we all try to avoid on the first dates, don’t we?
  9. Take as much money as you'd take to any other European city. Bratislava is not like they showed it in that Eurotrip movie. It’s a modern European city with hundreds of amazing bars and restaurants, with developed infrastructure, and you’ll have to spend quite a money here, especially if you’re planning a long visit.

We hope that all these tips will help you to have a great dating experience in Slovakia. Now, here’s what you should do. At first, read the reviews by our experts and choose a good Slovakia dating site. Then register, create an account, and start talking to the ladies. After that… you’re in control — just don’t forget about those pieces of advice above and your online dating story will definitely be successful!

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