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SinglesRussian: Find Your Love In A Click

Almost 4 years ago, SinglesRussian came up with the agenda of introducing the world to Russian love. Almost half a decade later, the website has enormously grown into a trustworthy dating website. These women from Russia look ravishing and also, are quite upfront about the relationship they seek from you. So, the website is as honest as a dating website could be.

Are you still having queries about joining? Well, the good news is the website is anything but boring. You can bask in the attention of these young, beautiful women and shower your love on them. This SinglesRussian review can very well explain how the website makes your dreams of love come true. Keep reading to enjoy the scoop.

Pros and Cons

  • The website has approximately 45k+ members
  • Multiple communication services
  • Free access to female profiles
  • Administrators keep a strict check on female members to avoid scammers
  • Simple and quick registration process
  • Registration needs only 1 valid email
  • Communication services need paid membership
  • Website layout seems less innate
  • No apps built yet

First impression of SinglesRussian

The first click on the link to SinglesRussian would take you to their homepage. Sizzling pictures of Russian women welcome you and tempt you to join the website. A series of pictures slides at the bottom to show the attractive range of female users the site contains.

You can also notice the background and the color scheme of SinglesRussian which don’t come off as tacky. Rather, it’s been designed quite well to attract the attention of the visitors. Neutral colors occupy most of the website design giving a very soothing appearance. There's a copyright disclaimer mentioned in the end to prove the authenticity of the platform.

The texts and fonts used are simple and straightforward. There's no beating around the bush. A string of questionnaires is released immediately on the homepage to understand if the user is authentic and not another scammer. In case you've already joined, you can just click on the login link at the top right of the page.

How can you sign up for SinglesRussian?

Signing up for SinglesRussian isn't rocket science. Anyone can join this website as long as they suit the requirements of the website. Of course, the females must be from either Russia or Ukraine, whereas men can be from any part of the West. Please note, the site is specific about its female population. Hence, you won’t be confused when it comes to finding your Russian bride.

Now, when you click on the homepage, you'll be welcomed by the website with 5 basic but important questions. The questions include finding your gender, a username of your preference, your date of birth, your email ID, and the password for your SinglesRussian account.

Once done, the website will take some time to authorize your profile. It may take anywhere from a few hours to a day. Don't lose patience. Meanwhile, you can check more about Russian women and how to impress them.

How to put up a smart profile on SinglesRussian

Putting up a cool, attractive profile on SinglesRussian is quite easy. Just some humor and wit does the job of increasing your sex appeal. The first thing you can do is put up a smart bio about you which describes you in a humorous way. The trick is to be humorous without being sleazy.

Another way to attract visitors is the usage of pictures. Be smart about the picture you're adding. Your looks don't matter as much as what the photo has to say about you. Pictures of outings and adventurous sports are the best. Hiking and trekkings work magically. If not, you can choose a picture showing you flexing in the gym. Also, display of pet-love through photos can also attract visitors to your profile.

singlesrussian profile example

Language medium on SinglesRussian

You can use either English or Russian to converse on SinglesRussian. Of course, you'll find many women who speak only Russian. At the same time, you'll also find a massive female population on the website who enjoys conversing in English. Because most Russian women are indeed looking for Western suitors, so they've been training to speak English well.

However, in any case, you fall for someone who doesn't speak English, the website doesn't fail your love-story. In fact, with its translation services, SinglesRussian provides the perfect translations which can help the conversation run smoothly. Want to impress your mysterious Russian beauty? Language is definitely no more an obstacle.

SinglesRussian's most amazing services

You'll find all these amazeballs services on SinglesRussian which make connecting with these exotic beauties hassle-free.

  • The website provides a relationship questionnaire. It helps in finding out the key compatibilities between two people for the perfect matchmaking scores. This saves you a lot of time from endlessly rampaging through each and every profile.
  • SinglesRussian has numerous ways of communication. So, you can have a nice chat with the women, or call them up to hear their dulcet voices. You can also video call them to see their beautiful faces live. Plus, it helps in knowing if the person you're talking to is who they claim to be.
  • The site offers terrific translation services. You can converse with women who don't speak English well without googling for translations every other minute.

Altogether, SinglesRussian does a mind-blowing job in providing a website which stretches itself to be fully convenient to people looking for love across the seas. It stands firm in its belief: love has no boundaries.

Tips to interact with women on SinglesRussian

You know the obvious fact. It's a site to find women from Russia and Ukraine. So, if they're your type, you'll be more than glad to meet all the beautiful ladies eagerly waiting for you. But, don't fall for the stereotypes which generally circulate about Russian women. Instead, it's better you understand the kind of men these girls seek.

Most women on SinglesRussian are from ages 24 to 35. So, you can say none are too old to be struck out from dating. If you want someone who's youthful and has the vibrance of a young mind, you can opt for the younger ladies. However, if your type is women who are more mature in thinking and are wiser, you can certainly choose the ladies from the latter age range. To each their own cup, as long as the tea is preferred by both.

sunglesrussian girls

Initiate topics about your culture and theirs. Knowing about your culture will subconsciously make them picture themselves with you. You can use this as a foundation to proceed further without giving bad vibes. You can also try to know them using the different services available on SinglesRussian. Men who are genuinely interested in women apart from their looks are super charming.

Payments and offers

To use all the services of SinglesRussian, you must apply for memberships and credits packages included. Of course, there are some services which the website hasn't put a sale on. That being said, the most important ones you need for connecting with people need membership or credits to be available.

Chatting services, translation services and services which include matchmaking can be accessed through memberships and credits. Following are the credits packages available under the website:

  1. $3.99 for 2 credits(special offer for your very first order of 2 credits on the website)
  2. $15.99 for 2 credits
  3. $96 for 16 credits
  4. $399 for 100 credits

The good part is, all of these packages come with FREE Premium Membership of a month worth $9.99. So, you get 20 minutes of chat, 5 first mails, and unlocking of profile pictures on the website. You can enjoy a whole lot with this deal.

How safe and secure is SinglesRussian?

SinglesRussian is quite legit and reliable. They keep strict surveillance over their female users which speaks a lot about their seriousness towards genuineness.

The administrators work diligently to give their clients the most scam-free experience. The website doesn’t provide any anonymity to the information you put on your profile. In case of financial data, though, SinglesRussian works with confidentiality. Hence, there's no chance of the information being leaked. The transaction mediums are also authentic and legal.


Overall, this is a great website to find single like-minded people. It's reliable and has nice services for your convenience. In a world of hate, this is where you'll find love and you should grab this opportunity.

I joined SinglesRussian without actually knowing what I was looking for. I think I just wanted someone to talk to. This was a year ago. Now I'm dating a man who I met on this website. It's amazing. We met 8 months back and I never thought a virtual relationship could go this long. In fact, I thought this wasn't true for any dating website. But, SinglesRussian proved me wrong and I'm so glad about this. I never would've met him if it weren't for this website. I'll give this a high rating because it actually made something so unexpected come true.
I like this website. I wish there was an app too though. Nevertheless, the website has been entertaining me lately. I've met an interesting bunch of people but I can't say I've met "the one". It's more or less like flirting or flings at the max. But, even then, I'm enjoying my time here more than on other boring websites. Maybe eventually I'll find someone here. I've seen some pretty good reviews about the website which is why I'm keeping my hopes up. But, so far, things aren't bad. I might keep using it as long as the spammers are at bay.
I wasn't really fond of dating websites. My friend forced me to join this site because he found a girlfriend here. Of course, they've broken up but that may be because my friend can be quite impossible at times. Anyway, the website is fine. Met a few nice girls. I'm not looking for anything serious yet but if it's on the way, I wouldn't mind it. The translation services are really nice. At least, they don't translate gibberish like other sites. I've matched with two girls and it's smooth. I'd give extra stars for how smoothly the website works.
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