Belarusian Mail Order Brides

Are you into Slavic beauty? You want to win a Slavic heart but are afraid of huge competition? Explore Belarus women! Get all the characteristics you desire in one woman with less contest. Keep on reading and find out what kind of life you’ll have if you choose a Belarus bride.
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Belarus Women: Secret Slavic Treasure

While searching for an ideal wife among Slavic women, grooms usually concentrate on Russia and Ukraine. Those countries offer the biggest number of single mail order brides and impress with their beauty and warm heart. But Belarus also has a great variety of beautiful singles ready to marry. Ladies from there are completely the same from the inside and have almost the same principles in life. If you know nothing about this culture, go on reading and explore why Belarus wife is what your heart needs the most.

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Main characteristics

Despite the fact Belarus girls are very much like all the Slavic women, each of them has the specific and unique treats of character and appearance. To explore the bits of biscuit in your particular bride, you first should know how to win her attention. For this, you have to learn the basics. Here’s what features all the Belarus ladies have.


Thanks to the Slavic nature, they’re just stunning. Long soft hair, big blue or dark eyes, and sensual lips. They have a charming smile and pure laughter. You’ll notice such a woman on the street because of the way she walks. She does it like a cat, very gracefully and confidently. They’re usually slender and love to keep fit. This is really the national feature, and most of the women in Belarus are just like that. Isn’t this some kind of heaven?


Beautiful Belarus brides don't search for dependence in a man. Creating a strong couple isn’t about losing herself. When she chooses a man, she wants to feel safe with him and have his support. It’s important for a man to be ready to take responsibility for his and her life. But at the same time, she’ll never lose herself in one gentleman. Working on her self-development and growth is a vital need. Don’t be surprised when she’ll desire to work in some big company or start a small business.

They’re great mothers and wives

Historically, these ladies know how to create a positive atmosphere at home and raise a child. Thanks to their roots, and knowledge they took from mothers and grandmothers, being a mom is a blessing for them. They give all love and care to the child, that’s why kids have such a strong bond with Belarus bride. Moreover, they know how to raise an independent personality. If you want to have children and a happy family — you should try Belarus brides.

Open and positive

They don’t wait for better times. In the life of the country, there were different periods. And not always kids were raised in wealthy families. So, Belarusian mail order brides have seen a lot. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make them weak. It gives them the strength to be ready for anything. Their open heart helps make everything easy and with excitement. That’s why they get along with foreigners so well.

Why you should choose a Belarus bride?

Someone would say their beauty itself is enough to get married. Hard to argue with that! But inner characteristics matter more when it comes to life together. Often, it’s very individual. But here’s what makes all the ladies from Belarus a great variant to marry.

They speak some basic English

Don’t wait for the fluent level. It’s possible to meet ladies with perfect English, but only in Minsk probably. Belarus is quite a modern country, and young people know some basics. Yes, it'd be hard to speak English with older ladies, but those who are about 25 years old can hold a conversation easily mostly.

They have serious intentions

Marriage for single Belarus women is a goal. It’s so because of her upbringing. Mothers prepare their daughters for marriage and teach how to treat the husband and how to be good wives. Many ladies put the wedding on the top priorities list, and only then carrier and other fields. When you register on the Belarus dating site, have no doubt all the ladies come there not for flirting games.

They’re perfect hostesses

Eating culture is a strong side of Slavic nationalities. They eat a lot and adore cooking. And not only for family, but for relatives and friends as well. Taking guests at home is their cup of tea. People love to come to a tidy, comfortable house, where tasty food awaits for them.

Less competition

If you desire to conquer a Slavic woman try Belarus. Russia and Ukraine are the biggest in the dating market and the number of grooms desiring to get a Slavic wife is huge. While Belarus only starts its movement in the dating industry, and not so many men choose it for love search. So, thanks to little competition, you have all the chances to get the best bride.

What kind of life you’ll have with a Belarus mail order bride?

Delicious cooking

Forget about any diet when you marry a Belarus woman. If you know nothing about their national cuisine yet, then you’ll be surprised by the amount of potato they cook daily. And be ready to fall in love with draniki.

She’ll be your help

To be fully dependent on the husband isn’t for a Belarus lady. She wants to have work and to realize herself. That’s why she’ll gladly contribute to the family budget. Not only financial help she's ready to provide, but emotional too. They make very good friends.

You’ll have a strong connection with all her relatives

Family matters are a priority for Belarus wife. And after marriage, you’ll become a dear part of her big family. Get ready to visit birthdays of aunts and uncles, and gather around a big Christmas table every year.

Your children will speak at least 3 languages

If your goal is to marry a nice Belarus woman and to have kids, be sure they’ll know 3 languages. Your native one, Belarusian, and Russian because many people there still speak it.

Traditions of Belarus women for marriage

They're authentical! Don't worry if sometimes you don't understand why Belarus people think or behave in such a way. Part of the answers is in the traditions. Here's the list of the most common customs from Belarus that may open your eyes on some facts:

  1. Belarus has mixed lots of cultures and made their own. There's a combination of 4 primary ones. They influenced Belarus people: Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Lithuanian. Their language is also very alike in these 4 countries. But never tell a Belarus bride this! They consider their culture unique and irreplaceable.
  2. Food and customs. Fun fact that setting the table is considered to be a women's job. There's an amusing food tradition that is based on matchmaking. The main subjects of it are food and vodka. First, the matchmaker would visit the house of a potential bride and offer drinks and food. If a Belarus bride and her parents allow him to enter, that means he's accepted, and they begin to eat and drink. That ceremony may continue several times. If the engagement breaks, the one who did it will have to repay the other side for all expenses.
  3. Wedding tradition. If people marry, it's an occasion to gather all the extended family and breed of the Belarusian wife for marriage. They celebrate it for more than one day with lots of food and drinks. Also, there must be a tamada - a person that moderates a wedding and entertains people. The ceremony had a definite sequence, consisting of 3 stages. The first is 'zapity' - marriage brokerage, engagement. Then the wedding - an actual celebration. And post-marital period - pies and honeymoon. Usually, these weddings cost an arm and leg so prepare yourself.

Tips on how to get the best Belarus bride

Following these simple steps, you’ll make your search for a Belarus girl more successful.

  • Find a good site. It’s the initial step that can determine your success from the very beginning. Read the users’ reviews and happy stories. Pay attention to the features they provide and prices. Also, monitor what measures they take to ensure safe surfing for every member. Or choose one of the sites we recommend, learn the reviews we made, and then decide.
  • Don’t push on a sex fast. Many men try online dating only with one goal - to get laid with a foreign beauty. This won’t work with Belarus girls. They have a strict upbringing and prefer sex only with an emotional background. Insisting on hook up on the first date will only prove your not serious intentions.
  • Don’t have prejudices about their traditions. Yes,  mail order brides from Belarus are very traditional and love their culture. Some of them you might not understand fast, but to think your woman is too traditional will only offend her. Try to show interest in her customs, and you’ll be awarded with unconditional attention.
  • Choose Minsk to travel. Little Belarus towns also have many beautiful girls, but it’ll be hard to establish a good connection with them because of the language barrier. Women in the capital are more modern and know English at least on the basic, or even Intermediate level.
  • Be ready to pay the bill. As it was mentioned before, Belarus women are independent and can pay for themselves. She doesn’t look for a thick wallet in a man. But she wants to see his capability to take care of her and to show she can relax at some points. If you won’t offer to split the bill on the first date, it’ll be the last date more likely.


Belarus women are strong and gentle at the same time. To win her heart will be an adventurous journey with a fair reward in the end. If you’re into the Slavic beauty, it’ll be a good idea to try yourself in Belarus. Less grooms choose this country as a love destination, so you have more chances to get the best beauty.

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