If you are in the search for a Slavic wife, RuBride is a great dating venue you should try. This mail-order bride site is focused on Russian and Ukrainian ladies who consider an opportunity to marry a Western man.As a rule, the ladies respond quite gladly and support the chat. Here on the site, everything was made for the customer, and it is easy to see. The welcoming design, a comfortable setting, and useful services make you want to stay. Moreover, the site is easy and comfortable in use so that you can spend hours on communication with the foreign brides.
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Finding Love with RuBrides

True love can be found anywhere. We are lucky to have various means we can use for the love search today. A decent dating site can not just give you some good time spent, but also make some significant changes to your life. If you are critical about online dating and its results, you can change your mind by simply trying some of the top mail-order bride venues.

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RuBrides was created for men who are fond of Eastern European women. A lot of men from the West find Slavic ladies extremely charming and attractive. No wonder Russian and Ukrainian women are considered the most desirable wives in the world!

Choosing the right dating platform is vital if you are aimed at a serious relationship. When you want to build up something worthy, you care for everything to be of the highest quality, and the online venue also has to meet this demand.

Being among the most popular and used specialized dating sites on the Internet today, RuBrides carries the reputation of a trustworthy source which can be a real help in your love search.

RuBrides has been on the market for quite a while, so it has already got what the users need, and now the site provides it with great success.

What is so good about dating at RuBrides?

RuBrides has a professional expert team that provides you with all the services. Each of them is responsible for the particular mean of communication, that's why all the work is done fast and clearly.

Moreover, the variety of offered services is wide so that every customer can choose something to their taste.

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The site is ready to help you with any service that might be necessary during an international communication. It is all about the chance to hear, see or “read” each other, so RuBrides tries to do its best and help you establish the contact between you and the lady you like. By the way, you are free to talk to several women at once; there are no limits. Hence you have an opportunity to see who is more of your type and make your searching process as efficient as possible.

You can even create a list of Favorite profiles to make sure you don't lose and interesting accounts. Sometimes you can't text some lady right away, so you mark her as Favorite and return to her profile later. Therefore you lose none of the potential matches.

Instead of the regular messages which may seem boring after some time, you can use video broadcasting. It is a perfect chance to see your lady and her image which is more close to the real life. In this way, you have a clearer picture of her and decide if you want to meet her.

Online video chat is for those who support the visual communication, and it is very close to the real dates.

Don't worry about the language. Everybody understands that you can't be perfect in Russian, and the lady can also be not so fluent in English. Knowing that RuBrides has cared or the translation, so you can be free in what you want to say. Be sure that the senсe will be delivered to your woman, and you will also understand all that she wants to say. 

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RuBrides has a little surprising feature that differs it from the other similar mail order bride venues. It is a special tool that you can use to know more about each of the women who seem interesting to you.

So, while searching, when you point at the photos of a lady, you can observe her right at that moment in front of her computer. This thing doesn't work for every profile, and you have to check if the woman is online, but still, it is a cool specialty that may attract you to RuBrides more than before.

Also, you can watch the clips that ladies upload on the site. It is done to tell more about themselves because not everything can be written in the profile. Besides, it is more interesting to watch a motion story than just read the text or observe the pictures.

As you can see, RuBrides has all the services needed for a good talk. After all, this is what the site was created for – talking, communicating and finding the one you can call a soulmate.

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How do you use it?

RuBrides is very easy in usage, so if you are on this platform for the first time, figuring out what to do will be no trouble. The design is simple and attractive – dark red and golden colors are mysterious and inviting. The menu is helpful in navigation, and seconds after you come to RuBrides you already know how to use it.

The registration can also be performed without any extra help. All you need to do to set up your profile is fill in a blank with some basic information about yourself. Or, to make it even easier, you can sign in with your Facebook account.

Add some interesting facts about yourself, describe your appearance and personality, upload a few pictures – and there you are, ready to chat with Slavic ladies!

The registration is free of charge, which is also a pleasant little bonus.

The money system RuBrides has is very convenient for customers. The thing is that actions like searching, browsing through the profiles, signing up are free. So, you don't pay for the basic things.

12 credits
60 credits
120 credits
250 credits
350 credits
500 credits
750 credits

What you do pay for are the services you order. They are messaging, video calling and all that has already been described here. Hence, as you can see, it is fair and honest, so you don't waste your money on what you don't need which could happen if you had to buy a subscription.

Safety is a top priority at RuBrides, so you can be sure that all your data is under protection. Apart from the regular responsibility the site's administration takes, it is also ready to help you.

You can find the articles with tips on how to recognize an online scammer. There also are articles about the means of online self-defense, so you can decrease the chances of the scam even more.

For all the questions and unexpected situations, there is customer support which you can contact anytime, and they will help you or give you a consultation.

RuBrides is worth your attention if you are in a search for a Slavic bride because your chances of finding her here are damn high!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RuBrides dating site?

Rubrides is a very popular Russian and Ukrainian dating service. It`s trustworthy, it has a great design, lots of advanced search filters, and many free features. The prices are also not so high here, and we believe that this website is definitely worth your time.

Is RuBrides free?

No. Well, you can use Ru Brides for free, but only if you are not going to talk to ladies. There are some free services here (you can sign up, upload photos, search for ladies, and view their photos for free), but if you want to send messages and to use video chat, you will have to buy credits.

How do RuBrides credits work?

First, you should buy credits. As usual, the bigger package you buy, the less you`ll have to pay — thus, if you buy the smallest pack (20 credits), you`ll have to pay $12, but if you buy the biggest one, you`ll only pay $300, which means 1 credit will cost $0.4 if you buy 750 credits and $0.6 if you buy 20 credits. The credits are deducted from your account when you send emails, use video chat, or buy real gifts (which are relatively expensive).

How to create a profile on RuBrides?

It`s extremely simple and fast. First, you provide some basic info about yourself (email, name, etc). Then, you`ll have to confirm your email (it`s obligatory, but it is also very fast and it won`t take more than 1 minute). After that, you`ll have to answer their personality questions and upload photos (up to 5 photos).

Is RuBrides safe?

Of course it is! The website has all the certificates (such as McAfee certificate and SSL certificate), so you don`t have to worry about safety here. The ladies are real, and the number of scammers and fake profiles is extremely low at Rubrides. It`s also free of viruses and malware, so it`s probably one of the safest dating services you will ever find!

How can I delete my RuBrides profile?

There are two things you can do to delete your profile. The first one is contacting the customer support — just tell them that you want to delete your profile, and they`ll do it as soon as possible. The second one is making the profile invisible — you can remove all the photos and personal data to make your account empty. It`s not the same thing as deleting your account, but that`s what you should do if you want to make it impossible to find the profile.

How many members does RuBrides have?

They don`t make this information public, but according to our research, we can safely say that there are more than 10,000 of Eastern European ladies on this dating website. It`s a niche website, so there will never be millions of women here. But on the other hand, if you use Rubrides, you can be sure that all the ladies do really want to find a foreign husband and do their best to make their dreams real!

Can I use RuBrides anonymously?

Yes. All you should do to use it anonymously is create an anonymous account — and when we say

How can I know that the profiles are real?

There is no ID verification here — on the one hand, it`s great because you don`t have to wait until they approve your account (and because you can easily create a fake profile). But on the other hand, you can`t be sure that the woman you`re talking to right now is real. However, RuBrides has a cool video chat option, so you can video chat with a woman and see that she is exactly who she pretends to be.

Is messaging free?

No. You can send emails and use video chat on RuBrides website, but both these services are not free. You`ll have to buy credits if you want to talk to the ladies. As we`ve said, the price of 1 credit varies from $0.6 to $0.4, and sending 1 letter costs 7 credits. 1 minute of live video chat costs only 1 credit, so we highly recommend trying it.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

As we`ve said, there is no identity verification here, therefore there is no such thing as profile approval on this website. You don`t have to wait and to waste your time here — you just create an account, verify your email address (it`s extremely fast), buy credits, and start communicating with ladies.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Don`t tell the ladies too much — it`s not necessary to tell your full name to all the women on dating sites, and it`s not necessary to reveal too much personal information. Create a strong password. Use a fake email address and a fake phone number (if it isn`t possible, use Google Voice). And of course, don`t send money to women from dating sites.

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