Top 5 Slavic Beauties From Instagram

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Here you can find 5 Slavic beauties, enjoy!

1. CARINA, 23 y/o, model from Moscow, Russia

Link to Instagram: carina

hot russian beauty

Carina is one of the Russian beauties from Instagram. The blog is like her online diary, as she makes posts regularly and shows the most vivid moments of her life. This lady is fond of exploring new places. Travelling takes lots of her free time and posts on her account. She adores making bright pictures where she poses in sexy dresses against the backdrop of beautiful locations. She prefers fashionable overseas resorts and word-class cities and has visited lots of them. From her Instagram it’s obvious Paris is her favorite one.

Though this brunette mail order bride has so many pictures on her Instagram, she doesn’t like to add long descriptions. Every photo has a short indication of the place or occasion which is depicted. Thus, she’s quite serious and used to keep strict to the point. By the way, she’s a frequent guest of various social events.

2. Viktoria, from Russia, model

Link to Instagram: victoriabrono

beautiful russian girl

Victoria Brono — stunning, enigmatic Instagram beauty. There are less than 150 pictures on her blog, she prefers to hide secrets for special people only. It’s clear from her account she’s a big nature lover. Picturesque landscapes, amazing sunsets, spellbinding sky — this is her inspiration and pacification. The angelic appearance so harmoniously integrates with the romantic inner world. She likes and cares about animals, thus is a very kind and sympathetic person.

Except for a big heart Victoria has an attractive body. She practices yoga regularly and makes good progress. She chooses healthy food that is captured in several pics. Seems like she isn't afraid of hard work, trying to improve herself, become better and better.

3. Tanya, Lives at Moscow, from Belarus

Link to Instagram: tanyamoiseenko

blonde russian woman

Tanya Moiseenko is a laconic, but very hot blonde mail order bride. She’s an active modern lady who adores going out with friends and spending time in beautiful places. She travels a lot, especially likes Southern Asia. Tanya is a very stylish girl. She knows modern tendencies and posts many photos in trendy clothes, telling her followers where they can buy the same ones. Her special love is lingerie that highlights such a beautiful body.

Tanya’s other love is ocean. Usually, she doesn’t make long descriptions, but when there are endless blue waves she opens her heart and tells about her hidden thoughts. She can’t live without surfing! Even if there’s no ocean nearby, she finds big pools and practices there

4.Alena, model from Russia

Link to Instagram: alena_shatskaya

russian woman for marriage

Alena_Shatskaya is a Russian beauty from Instagram who doesn’t post dozens of pictures daily, but each of them is like a piece of art. She’s a model and is keen on fashion and her job in general. There are a lot of backstage photos from her shootings. This lady prefers to spend much time outdoors and take pictures in front of a beautiful nature. Some of them were made in European capitals or famous resorts, but others — captured remarkable corners of her native country.

Sport is an essential part of Alena’s everyday routine. She attends a gym, has training at home, and likes cycling. Definitely, this lady is extremely hardworking and strives for perfection in any sphere of her life.

5. Liza from Ukraine, but looks like hot Brazil girl

Link to Instagram: lizakovalenkooukrainian beauty

Liza Kovalenko — Ukrainian beauty from Instagram. This young woman prefers summer to other seasons, so she often travels to warm countries. Oceans, palm trees, exotic flowers, rocky mountains, all these are her force of nature. Her another source of inspiration is drawing. Liza makes portraits of her friends and takes great pleasure from it.

Actually, art is her great love, as she posts many pictures from sightseeing around various word-class cities. Some posts on Liza’s Instagram are supported by excerpts from famous books or quotes of prominent people. She's a smart, creative, and romantic girl.

6. Katherine, 23 y/o, model at Ukraine / Czech

Link to Instagram: k.atherine_official_

ukrainian beauty

Katherine is a hot redhead mail order bride from Ukraine. It’s a cute enigmatic lady who doesn’t make any descriptions under her beautiful pictures on Instagram. She posts photos from outings with friends in nightclubs or pubs, but pictures from the seaside or near a lake make the majority of her content. Katherine’s hobby is to draw attractive girls in stylish clothes, but there are just a few of her works on the blog.

Kate likes selfies and makes plenty of them. Why hide such a gorgeous face and body? If you’d like to know which restaurant to choose to date her, Instagram can help you over. It’s definitely a Japanese one, as she eats sushi quite often.

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