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Czech Mail Order Brides

There are actually a ton of reasons for this. And that’s the focus of this article. Typically, the reasons range from Czech Republic girls’ physical attractiveness to their adorable and wifely spirit.

Okay, in this guide, I’m going to show you ALL you need to know about Czech bride. However, this is only a guide, and I recommend you don’t follow it too blindly. I have one piece of advice for you: Czech girls (for the most part) are just like every other set of girls you’ll find out there. Following simple rules from the days of chivalry will do the magic!

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Features of Czech brides


While Czech girls have no strong physical stereotype, they do, however, have brown hairs, blue eyes, and slim figure. It’s also common to see many physical appearance types like the dark haired, dark eyed, dark complexioned of South Europeans or the characteristic gingers from Ireland. The spectrum of girl-look types is really broad. One strong feature that truly sets them apart is their cute high cheekbones. Other facial features have small differences.

Czech women love fashion

Check girls generally have a great sense of fashion. Having come from a society with high literacy and civilization rate, these girls represent an exciting mix of western and traditional cultures, which reflect clearly in their fashion taste.

Czech girls are very trendy and tend to dress provocatively — tight clothes, skimpy skirts, and heeled shoes. Surprisingly, they don’t carry off too much makeup. They prefer to look natural yet gorgeous. And, of course, IMO I believe makeup on a Czech girl will be extra considering that these girls are usually very beautiful.

Character and personality

Character, for me, is the most attractive aspect of a lady’s total personality. And I think Czech girls are a perfect spec of what a woman should be. How so?

Foremost in my list is hard work — Czech girls generally are very industrious. Many are gainfully employed (more than 60%). Typically, a Czech wife is a huge helpmate because she will contribute to the family budget, without being asked or coerced to.

Czech girls are popular for their intelligence and great sense of humor. Most are literate and can speak more than one language. Communicating with a typical Czech girl is actually a happy hour because they enjoy good jokes and can make some too.

Since most women in the country are educated, they believe strongly in their gender equality mantra. Your Czech bride will not be depending much on you for stuff (who wants that, anyway?). They are not clingy and believe this is one of the ways they can earn and maintain their respects.

Why foreign men want to marry Czech brides

So, what is it about Czech girls that make foreign men so eager to turn them into Czech brides? A LOT! Czech girls have brilliant qualities that every man dreams about and wants to possess.


Czech Republic girls are known for their intense physical attractiveness. They invest in their looks and keep their hygiene in top condition. This is very easy for them because they are mostly working class and don’t sit around waiting for a man to provide their needs. Most Czech girls you will meet are beautiful, sassy, classy, and trendy.


Men appreciate hardworking and independent women, and Czech girls fall into this category. An average Czech lady knows her self-worth, so she expects her man to appreciate and respect that. She’s well capable of making important decisions for herself without waiting for her man to decide for her — and she will fully accept the results of her actions. Isn’t that just cool? She can even help you figure workable solutions to your own problems, just like your buddies do. Yea, that’s a Czech girl for you.

Your Czech wife won’t let important decisions to hang until you show up, nag about things, or bug you with money demands. Hopefully, she works hard, earns money, and takes care of herself by herself. Who doesn’t want such a partner?

Fun and sociable

Czech girls like to have fun. They are great lovers of the outdoors and hanging out. Probably that’s why many of them take to social media to meet interesting people. A lot of dating websites out there have some of the most gorgeous and interesting Czech women. This makes it easy for foreign men to locate them.

Why should you marry a Czech bride?

One may wonder why Czech girls now occupy a large pie in the minds of men looking for foreign mail order brides. Does this sound like you? Here are the top FIVE reasons why Czech women are perfect for marriage.

Czech girls don’t depend on men

As I mentioned earlier, Czech ladies possess a high degree of independence (and adaptability). They believe in the integrity of individualism and labor. You would want a woman who can take good care of herself in your absence, who can adapt to conditions within the marriage and who will contribute to the family budget.

Czech women work hard

Most Czech women are gainfully employed. A working-class wife is ideal, as she’s always intellectually, psychologically and socially productive than a full-time housewife. Yes, you might want a woman who will be home to handle chores and take care of the kids, but that’s why we have maids. Getting a working-class Czech bride will ease your financial loads.

Czech brides are Intelligence

Most Czech girls have had tertiary education, are knowledgeable and have traveled to different parts of the world. Expect a Czech girl to engage you in and contribute meaningfully to thoughtful and intelligent discussions. Czech girls are not all about fashion, love and romance topics like most other girls are; she will wow you with a wealth of knowledge from different spheres of life — economics, politics, academics, religion, sports, just name it. And she’d do this without sounding know-it-all or disrespectful.

Understanding the culture of Czech women

Czech Republic’s rich traditional/cultural heritage adds even MORE spice to their women’s personalities.


Paying attention to subtleties in gifting in the Czech Republic is very important. If you are invited to dinner at a Czech home, it will be appreciated if you bring a box of quality chocolate, bunch of flower (for your hostess) or a bottle of fine wine for your host. Flower are appreciated but should be given in odd numbers (except 13, which is considered unlucky). Choice of flowers goes a long way, but please, “NO CALLA LILIES,” except at funerals.


When your Czech bride invites you home, mind the following:

  • Remove your shoes
  • Stand until you’re shown to your seat
  • Expect to be treated with respect and honor
  • The host or eldest woman at the table begins the eating
  • Compliment the food while eating
  • Indicate you’ve finished eating by laying your cutleries parallel across the right-hand side of your plate

Odd traditions

Czech has some really odd and weird traditions. You and your local bride can stay tuned to lots of entertainment from the following five traditional Czech customs.

  • The birthday butt bump
  • The Verbunk
  • Quire stag party
  • The flaming Morenas
  • The original pole dancing, etc.

Tips for dating a Czech woman

Remember the following tips and advice to be at the top of your game when dating a girl from Czech.

  1. Czech girls are intelligent and wise, so don’t mess with them
  2. They love to catch fun so ensure that you’ve got plenty for them.
  3. Remember to get some nice gifts whenever you’re visiting the home of your potential Czech bride.
  4. Always observe little courtesies when you are around her
  5. Acquaint yourself with Czech culture to be at the peak of your game!
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