Czech Mail Order Brides Good And Desirable Wives?

The mystery of the Czech Republic excites your mind, but you know nothing about its citizens? Read on the following detailed review and learn why Czech brides are one of the most desired in Europe. Explore their cultural peculiarities and get useful tips on how to win their heart.
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To come up with a decision to search for a woman abroad is only half the battle. Without any specific tastes, it’s easy to get lost in the variety of singles available on the net. Everything starts with choosing the platform to register on. Usually, they’re devoted to the particular female ethnicity, and thus, it’s better to choose before making steps on this path.

In this detailed review, you’ll open Czech culture for yourself and know what features are common for Czech ladies. In the end, you’ll understand why you should consider such a woman as your potential bride. Keep on reading to find out more about a Czech mail order bride!

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What does a typical Czech woman look like?

If you go to the Czech Republic, you`ll lose your head because of the prominent beauty of local women. They`re so different but equally attractive. There`s no general description of a typical Czech girl, as they represent a mixture of German and Slavic appearance with some other ethnic influences, and thus each one possesses unique beautiful features.

In general, ladies in the Czech Republic are slim and don't suffer from being overweight, because of a healthy diet rather than genetics. There aren't many natural blondes, but today it's not a problem at all, as every woman can change her hair color every month or even more often. Most girls have pointy noses and quite high cheekbones which add a little spice to their beauty. One more peculiarity is their great desire to look awesome 24/7.

General characteristics of Czech mail order wives

Undoubtedly, every Czech woman is an individual and possesses specific traits. But to get the whole picture, let’s see what they’re similar based on 3 points.


In the matter of clothes style, Czech mail order brides can easily compete with Italian and French females. They have this inner sense of right proportions and stay on top of the fashion industry. They dress casually and prefer comfort rather than trends. Thanks to their great physical appearance, they rarely wear makeup, especially bright ones. Nevertheless, it’s common to see Czech women wearing heels and short tight skirts.


To describe a true Czech bride in the easiest way is to say she's a friend. They’re funny, sociable, ready to help, and support at any time. They adore talking about meaningful matters, such as global warming or the political situation in the world. Still, don’t be surprised when hearing jokes below the belt from her. It proves their openness to the world and a high level of intelligence.

Sense of humor

Once in history, this nation was referred to as the nation of Lachende Bestien, which means laughing beasts. It was said by Nazi Germans for the nature of Czech people to approach everything with a great and sarcastic sense of humor. Thus, a typical Czech Republic wife is someone with a perfect sense of humor, and it’s more related to sarcasm.

Why do men choose a Czech woman as a bride?

To resist Czech charm and immediacy is almost impossible. But that’s not the only thing attracting grooms from all over the world. Here’s what makes women from the Czech Republic such a desired goal.

They’re naturally charming

It happens that after removing the make-up before going to bed, a girl looks like a completely different person, but that’s not about Czech girls. Probably, thanks to the inner positive energy, they shine from the inside. It reflects in their warm smile and sparkling eyes. And there’s nothing more attractive in the world than sincerity. They take care of the inner matters first, and only then appearance.

They’re independent

Malicious tongues would probably say it's pure feminism. But it means they probably love to have a woman in possession. On the contrary, Czech mail order wives are too independent to let anybody control their life. Marriage for them is mutual support, but not transferring the whole responsibility to the man’s shoulders.

They’re friendly

Czech ladies are very social and kind ladies. They adore having fun in the company of good friends and love to be in the limelight. A sense of humor helps them to accumulate in any situation, and such a positive attitude to life can’t stay unnoticed. That’s why it’s so easy for foreign men to connect with them.

Interesting Czech wedding traditions

When dating Czech mail order wives, be sure that you’ll be told about unusual and interesting wedding traditions of their country. If you decide to marry in this state, here are some of these odd traditions to know:

  • Flower petals: like in many European countries, a niece of a lady will sprinkle petals of roses walking in front of the couple. Flowers are sprinkled until the entrance of the church, where the process takes place.
  • Haul in: the interesting stuff starts after the procession in church. When a newlywed couple wants to leave a church, there’ll be a rope waiting for them, meaning a groom needs to pay himself out symbolizing the payment for the sins of youth.
  • Breaking plates: before the wedding reception starts, a plate is broken in front of the newlywed couple. Future husband and wife are supposed to swipe the broken pieces of that plate together, symbolizing the unity of the family bonds.
  • Eating the soup: when a wedding reception starts, a couple is covered with a large cloth, and under this cloth, husband and wife are expected to finish a bowl of soup with one spoon, symbolizing harmony and cooperation within a family.
  • Kidnapping the bride: when the reception comes to an end, a bride is kidnapped by the groom’s friends, and a groom should find her and pay for the ransom if he’s determined to get his wife back.

Advantages to look for a wife from the Czech Republic online

The Czech Republic mail order brides are definitely among the best candidates for marriage, and here are the main pros of getting them online with the help of dating agencies or platforms:

  • no wasted time
  • no countless failed dates
  • no extra costs
  • variety of female profiles
  • less embarrassment during communication
  • possibility to use filters for more efficient search

Finding a good dating platform isn't a big deal at all. There are several tips which you can easily follow.

  • Study the users` feedback to find out the most popular and effective ones. But don`t stop your research at this step, as sometimes what's not good for others may suit you perfectly.
  • Go to every site from your list to check whether you feel free and comfortable enough. Pay attention to its structure, interface, searching system, reliability, and prices for Czech wives online.
  • Do not neglect reading the site's terms of use and Privacy Policy where you can find direct answers to your questions.
  • Don't make rash decisions, otherwise, there is a risk of getting disappointed just because of the wrong platform you can choose.

Debunking myths about Czech Republic brides

It’s critical that you need to know that mail order brides from Czechoslovakia aren't based on some stereotypes you come across online. Time to shed light on real Czech women for marriage:

  • Ladies wear socks with sandals: for some people, ladies from this country don’t know how to wear sandals but be sure that Czech brides are women of style, and you won’t come across such people wearing socks with sandals in the streets.
  • Women there are always moody: when you start dating mail order Czech brides, you’ll see that these ladies are really high-spirited people, and they know how to enjoy life.
  • Czech brides lack vision: in other words, it’s claimed that Czech women aren’t open-minded, and some even claim that they’re close to new things, but don’t forget that they’re from a modern country with higher levels of education.
  • Many women there are indifferent: it’s hard to say that Czechoslovakian brides are really indifferent, but they can seem a bit cold at first, but there’s no indifference that can be attributed to them.
  • They only drink beer: beer is a favorite drink in the Czech Republic, and it’s national pride, but that doesn’t mean that it’s constantly consumed by local women.
  • Women there can be stingy: it’s one of the most common stereotypes regarding ladies from this country. Although it’s not true at all, Czech women are frugal when it comes to spending money.

What kind of life you’ll have with a Czech mail order bride?

Perhaps, the best motivation to find Czech girls to marry is a chance to become a part of a happy family full of respect and love, not to mention that Czech women are great in bed as well. But that’s not all you’ll get from marrying a lady from the Czech Republic.

She won’t stay at home

To depend on a husband isn’t a choice for a Czech bride. She’ll want to work and move up to the carrier ladder just like you. Being outdoors, meeting with friends, just walking around will be her cup of tea. And she skillfully combines this with taking care of the home comfort. As a result, she succeeds in both fields.

You’ll try the best of the Czech cuisine

Have you ever tried Czech cuisine? If not, be ready to forget about diet and healthy eating. It’s too delicious to refuse! So, goulash in the piece of bread will be the frequent guest on your plate. Also, you’ll learn everything about Czech beer. Don’t forget about rizek, sekana pecene, and uzene as well.

Your friends will love her

Having guests at your place often is inevitable when you’re married to a beautiful Czech woman. Their famous hospitality will win the heart of all your mates, and they’ll start coming to your house more frequently. The way she treats guests is something you can’t ignore. And with her high level of intelligence and ability to carry any conversation, she’ll win love and attention in all your friends.

You'll live life without quarrels

One of the main benefits of living with a Czech mail order bride is a chance to live without any conflicts, as she’ll be a person of compromises. Why get so serious when you can solve a problem or laugh at it? This is their way of thinking, making a life together much easier and more tolerable.

What should you know about the Czech culture not to screw up?

Cultural differences often create misunderstandings between two people, and sometimes even lead to conflicts. Not to let such situations appear, it’s crucial to learn about your bride’s cultural peculiarities. Here’s what you should know about Czech beauties.

They appreciate gifts

Notably, the size or the price is of no importance. Only the attention is appreciated. When you bring a flower on a date, it means you’ve thought about the woman and wondered how to make her smile. Also, when you come to visit her parents, don’t forget to take some cake, a box of cookies, or a small bouquet with you. Mind the number of flowers, which has to be odd.

Some traditions may surprise you

Different mentalities always experience some troubles when meeting each other’s traditions. For example, butt bumping on a birthday. When you see this, it’s better to react calmly and with interest. With time, you’ll get used to it.

Specific etiquette rules

It mostly relates to the situation when you’re visiting someone’s house. Take off your shoes before entering the living room, and wait until you’re shown where to sit. Around the dinner table, the host always begins eating first. It’s important to compliment the food as well. When being in the company, make jokes and show interest in their life. Be ready to be offered more than 1 glass of beer.

Unusual verbuňk

When in the Czech Republic, you’ll see odd traditions and dances, and one of the most bizarre things to witness is the verbuňk. It’s a kind of strange dance performed mainly by men during special events, and it’s quite often that drunk people do that. It looks strange and funny at the same time.

Where to find a Czech mail order bride?

Do you dream of meeting a Czech bride but live too far and can`t travel often? Such a trifle can`t be an obstacle on the way to your happiness. Today there are a great number of online platforms, apps where you can find your ideal lady, get to know her well enough to decide whether you can be happy together.

Prague mail order brides

Prague is the political, cultural, and educational center of the Czech Republic. The percentage of the female population in the country is more than 50 % of the whole. Sometimes even in the capital they feel less space for growth, lack male attention, and look for a foreigner to build relations with. Prague is situated in Central Europe, thus ladies here are modern and follow the latest trends in fashion and lead an active lifestyle.

Pilsen mail order wives

No doubt you’ve heard this name. This is a place of Czech beer that the nation is proud of. However, it’s not only a place of beer pubs, but you can meet hot ladies for marriage as well. If you hop on a train from Prague, it’ll take only 1 hour to reach this awesome place.

Liberec mail order brides

Another great place worth your time and attention is Liberec. Especially if you’re keen on spending time outdoors, this city has a lot to offer. In this city, you’ll also have a chance to meet younger Czech brides who study at college and who are fans of foreigners. Don’t miss your chance to have a great time with one of the best places for young women for marriage.

Brno mail order brides

Brno is a huge young city which combines the main centers of science and education of the Republic. In other words, it`s a student city where you`ll meet thousands of young and beautiful Czech girls. They`re smart, purposeful, study hard to obtain a qualification, and build a successful career. At the same time, they appreciate the free time and know how to party all night long.

Jicin mail order brides

Jicin is a small historical town located about 75 km to the North of Prague. It's also rich in wonderful historical places but life here is more calm and measured. Certainly, it has an impact on local women. They`re also modern, smart, and beautiful but they aren't used to frequent parties and active nightlife in general.

The Czech Republic mail order bride price

If you decide to get a Czech wife online you won't spend much money than to do the same in real life. All the costs for failed dates, gifts for the wrong women are excluded. In this case, you have to pay for the site's membership or just fee-based features you'll use, for travel when you'll go to meet your special lady, and presents when you decide to please her. On average, you might be expected to spend more than $5K.

More facts about the Czech Republic to be in sync with her

You may have heard a little about women from this country. But what if you don’t know how to catch up with the Czech women for marriage? As you understood, simple tricks such as mailing all the time and gifts won’t work. They belong to the brand new kinds of women. Still, the old but gold methods will always work talking about conquering their hearts. These are about being mindful and attentive as well as speaking about their lives and country. Here are some basic facts that will help you in such communication:

  • Beer is a national drink and food of the Czech Republic. It’s a fact that Germany isn't the first beer-drinking country in the world. An average Czech citizen drinks 43 gallons or 160 liters of this drink. Beer has been brewing in that country since 993 AD. So, never try to beat your Czech woman in drinking as she has more chances to win.
  • There are the most considerable castles in Europe. If she wants you to treat her like a princess, the Czech Republic wife doesn’t joke. She lives in the origin of all these fairytales and stories about the knights, and kings. Perhaps, you'll find a real princess among the mail order brides from Czech. Or a dragon. It depends on you.
  • They have high standards of living. Not only does she want you to treat her like a royal person, but also to live in the same way. Compared to Eastern Europe, her homeland has the highest rate of living mode. So, your Czech bride has high demands, and she'll claim them from you.

Tips on dating a Czech woman

Knowledge is the best armor. When you know all the secrets on how to win the Czech heart, you’ll more likely succeed. Here’s what you should remember:

Respect her independence

For a Czech lady, it’s important to have an independent personality. She takes care of the house and loves relations perfectly, but without constant self-development, she’ll never be completely happy. Give her enough space for this mental and spiritual growth, and you’ll be rewarded with a flourishing woman next to you.

Be full of fun

Laughing is a key to her heart. Make jokes, be open to trying something new, and don’t be afraid to seem odd. She’ll appreciate only the real you, so don’t put any borders in your communication.

Surprise her with gifts

Showing attention is important if you want to win her preference. Small presents or little bouquets will demonstrate your care to the perfect Czech bride, and her heart will melt faster.

Show interest in her culture

Coming on dating sites every woman is ready to move abroad and adjust to new traditions and customs. But her homeland will always be in her heart. That’s why encouraging her cultural peculiarities will make the path to her heart smoother.

How to get Czech Republic mail order brides?

If you want to meet and get your Czech bride, the first thing you need to accept is that this venture might be costly. Still, it’s worth mentioning that Czech mail order brides are worth every cent you’ll spend. Time to reveal how you can get your future wife.

Find a decent site offering Czechoslovakian mail order brides

Now that you’re ready for an online venture, do some research on how you can pick the best and trusted site. Top platforms offering Czech mail order bride profiles should have the following features:

  1. Safety: one of the main problems of the sites nowadays is the chance of being scammed, so always check whether the site has all security measures.
  2. Profile quality: accessing myriads of Czech bride profiles may not ensure the best experience unless the site ensures the top-notch quality of these profiles.
  3. Customer support: you need to be sure that you can always appeal to online assistance without the need to wait for hours to get a response.
  4. Great searching tools: since you’ll access many single Czech women, searching tools will help you narrow down your optimal matches.

Register and get your account verified

When it comes to choosing a great site to find Czech women online, you better read reviews prepared by experts. Once you pick the site needed for dating and getting your future wife, you need to register. Don’t forget to verify your new account. Registration alongside verification gives you the following benefits: You can look through different profiles without the need to pay for anything. You can look for people who are online and access limited information about them. You can get some extra bonuses you can use to test how the site works and check women’s profiles.

Create a good and informative profile

Now it’s time to appeal to your future Czech Republic wife online, and for this, you need to have a good profile. When creating it, benefit from the following tips:

  1. Don’t forget to add photos, and in general 5 to 7 photos are enough.
  2. Simply describe yourself and your expectations from online dating.
  3. Don’t write too much but try not to be very laconic.
  4. Include your hobbies and interests that can be good for your ladies who can be interested in you.

Search for the best matches

After you create a good profile, you can browse profiles at random. For example, some sites will offer options based on your profile information by employing matchmaking algorithms. What’s more, you can use searching tools, simple and advanced ones, where you can sort ladies according to the following criteria:

  • Age range
  • Weight and height
  • Skin, eye, and hair colors
  • Other physical features
  • Propensities and hobbies
  • Educational background
  • Social status

Get in touch with the best matches

Once you find the most suitable Czech Republic mail order brides, you can start communication with them. You can use the following features to get the best online experience:

  • Simple chatting
  • Sending letters
  • Sending virtual gifts
  • Icebreakers and stickers
  • Video calls and chats
  • Video messages

Focus on one single lady

Now that you’ve found the one who tickles your interests, you better focus on her than appealing to everyone online, which might be tiring at some point. Be sure that you’re ready to dedicate more time to that person, who’ll be your Czech Republic wife.

Move to offline dating

Once you become sure about your choice, it’s time for real dating, and thus, you can have 2 options here. The first one is to visit your lady in the Czech Republic, as this country has great cities worth your attention.

Or you can invite your lady to your country. In both cases, you need to know about the costs and procedures to know. You need to get or arrange a visa for such travel or if you want to invite your lady.


Czech ladies are amazed by their openness to the world and warm hearts. She smiles with her natural smile every new day, and this can’t stay unnoticed. If you want to fill your life with sincere laughter, delicious cooking, and devoted love, the Czech mail order wife is your choice. You’ll find a good friend and loving wife in her and grow mentally together.

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