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Elena’s Models is one of the oldest and the most popular dating sites for Slavic women and Western men. It was launched in 1999, and currently, it has over 2 million members worldwide. In fact, the platform has much to be proud of: thousands of marriages, TV shows, the absence of fake profiles, and members from 200+ countries.
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Elena’s Models is one of the oldest and the most popular dating sites for Slavic women and Western men. It was launched in 1999, and currently, it has over 2 million members worldwide. In fact, the platform has much to be proud of: thousands of marriages, TV shows, the absence of fake profiles, and members from 200+ countries.

These are the well-known facts. However, you can find negative Elena’s Models review on the Web. Of course, we understand that there is no site which would not have negative feedback from the customers, but the question if this website is really as good as it seems? Should we believe positive or negative reviews? Is this site too pricey? Is it worth paying for it? We conducted our own research to find out.

All you should know about ElenasModels.com

How to understand if a particular dating site is a good or a bad platform to meet someone special? There is a list of important criteria to consider, which are the pricing policy, basic and special features, the number of members and their origin, the design and interface, and, of course, the safety. We have already analyzed them, so keep reading our Elena’s Models overview to learn everything you need to know about this international dating platform.


Pros and Cons

  • Real women
  • Over 2 000 000 members
  • Coaching
  • Limited Premium Plans
  • Full Premium membership is quite expensive

There are three Premium membership plans to choose from. Gold membership costs from 19 USD per month, Platinum costs from 45 USD per month, and Ultimate membership costs from 99.58 USD per month.

Gold membership plan includes the following features:

  • Unlimited EOI (Expression of Interest)
  • Unlimited messages & up to fifty contacts
  • Viewing all pictures in profiles
  • Viewing all videos uploaded by members in your contacts (up to fifty members)
  • Instant messaging with members in your contacts (up to fifty members)

Platinum membership plan includes all the features mentioned above (messaging, watching videos and adding contacts) + unlimited Video Chat and requesting other members’ contact details.

Ultimate membership plan includes all the features mentioned above (unlimited) + 5 profile verifications, eight-hour coaching, coaching manuals and two books (PDF).

The website has one of the best designs we have ever seen, mostly because the main page is very informative and at the same time it does not look too messy. You can easily find all the most important information and the registration form. You can also see random members and the photos of happy couples who have already met each other on ElenasModels.com.


After you sign up, you can see the system from the inside. Though there are a lot of design elements, buttons, sections, and tabs, even the newbies understand how it works without much difficulty. In general, the site has it all – good usability and nice design.


It must be noted that the registration process on Elena’s models is a bit longer compared to other dating sites. A member needs to provide the following info:

  • First name, last name
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Country and city
  • Valid email address

After you create your password, you need to answer a few questions in the questionnaire: 1) about your appearance (weight, height, eye color, hair color, hair length); 2) ethnicity; 3) person you are looking for (age and ethnicity.) You cannot skip it – the administration notes that only the detailed info provided by members allows finding best matches for them.


You will also need to upload a photo (optional), write a message which will be displayed in your profile (minimum 10 words), and pick interests from the list (at least 5 hobbies). Then you will need to activate your account by following the link in the confirmation email and wait for a few minutes. Your profile will be checked by moderators, and after they finish, you get full access to your profile.

Yes, registration on ElenasModels.com takes time. However, the detailed information about you and a person you are looking for allows finding the best matches. Moreover, it significantly reduces the number of fake profiles on the platform.

After you sign up, you can edit your own profile. A member can upload up to 15 photos and write short comments. Moreover, you can even use the “My Blog” feature to publish interesting posts about yourself, relationship, etc., and that will significantly improve your chances of meeting a girl here.

As for other members’ profiles, you can use basic or extended search to find the best matches or just look through the list of new members or the list of the most popular members. What do you see in another member’s profile? Well, they are very detailed and include information about a user’s appearance, marital status, occupation, interests, and hobbies.

Besides, Elena’s Models site offers something extraordinary: all paying and non-paying members can see another user’s response rate, and that is great. Still, there is another thing to consider: Free users can only view the profile photo, i.e., if you want to view all pics in the gallery, you need to upgrade your membership plan.


We looked through hundreds of profiles and concluded that most women here speak English. Of course, the level of language is different, but overall, any foreigner can communicate with most of them without too much difficulty. Besides, even ladies who do not speak English at all can have a conversation with any male member – elenasmodels.com provides top translation services to help people break the language barrier.

So why would someone join ElenasModels.com? The reason is simple – because of the great services it provides. This website really stands out because it provides not only the standard set of features but also some special services, for instance, coaching. Still, they can be broadly classified into two groups: free features and paid services.

Free features:

  • Registration
  • Basic & extended search
  • Browsing profiles
  • Customer support service

There are also the special features:

  • Sending flirts (EOI)
  • Sending letters
  • Watching videos
  • Viewing all photos (full-size)
  • Instant messaging
  • Video Chat
  • Requesting another member’s contact detailed
  • Profile verification
  • Eight-hour coaching
  • Coaching manual

Elena’s Model has a lot of great features to choose from. However, only paying members can communicate with as many members as they want, talk in Video Chats, and even use the manuals and read the books written by professional coaches.

All profiles are checked by professional moderators, so there are no fakes on the website. The platform itself is protected with the company’s own software 5 FORCES. This is an anti-spam and anti-spam program that guarantees that any member can feel safe on ElenasModels.com. The company does not share members’ personal data with any third-party organizations and individuals.

So how a user can contact another member? You need to click on the profile of a member you like and use one of the communication tools. You can send EOI (this is the best way to initiate conversation if you do not want to start with the standard phrase “Hi, how are you?”), invite a member to Text Chat or Video Chat. If you think that you have already met your dream girl on ElenasModels.com, you can request her contact information.

The bottom line

A lot of singles wonder if Elena’s Models is legit or scam. Our analysis has shown that it is not a scam. Why? The answer is simple – our empty profile did not receive a single message from any lady. They do not seem interested in a man who did not upload photos or provide information about himself. That is a good sign. As for the pricing policy, ElenasModels is not cheap. However, you do not have to spend 100 USD to communicate on this platform. There are three plans for those who do not want to pay for the full Premium membership.

The features are fantastic. Voice Chat, Text Chat, Video Chat, advanced search, requesting contact information, and even coaching – Elena’s Models has it all. In general, this is a good site for men who want to meet a Slavic girl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elena’s Models free?

ElenasModel.com cannot be classified as a free dating site. Users can sign up for free, browse profiles, and use the customer support services. However, only paying members can interact with other users. Therefore, if you want to meet someone on this website, but do not want to spend money, joining this community may be pointless. There are three Premium membership plans and 3 special offers for people who want to save some money.

How to create a profile on Elena’s Models?

To join the community, you need to provide your name and email, indicate your gender, select your birth date, and activate your account by clicking the link in the letter that was sent to you. After that, you will need to answer some questions in the questionnaire and upload your photo (optional.)

How do Elena’s Models credits work?

This platform does not use credits as the virtual currency. It offers three Premium plans and three special plans for people who do not want to pay for the full membership plan. Each of the plans includes particular services, so everyone can choose the offer he really needs.

Is ElenasModels.com safe?

All profiles are checked by professionals. Moreover, the company uses its own software to protect members from spam attacks and frauds. As for the privacy policy, the company does not share your personal data with the third parties and has no right to sell or disclose your private info to anyone.

How can I delete Elena’s Models profile?

You need to log in, click on the “Settings,” and click on “Delete your profile.” Please note that all your information and history will be deleted too, and you will not be able to reactivate your profile and restore all your data.

How many members does Elena’s Models have?

Currently, ElenasModels.com has over 2 million members from more than 200 countries of the world.

Can I use Elena’s Models anonymously?

You can use the site anonymously. You can provide a fake name. You do not have to upload a photo. Just think if you really need this. Joining a website just to have some fun does not make sense, mostly because you need to pay to have a conversation with someone. Nevertheless, if you want to remain anonymous, you can still use the site.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

As mentioned, all the profiles are checked by real people hired by the company. However, you can also look through the photos and even invite another member to Video Chat to make sure that your dream girl is real.

Is messaging free?

Messaging is not free. You need to upgrade to Gold, Platinum or Ultimate membership or buy one of the special limited plans to send a message to someone and respond.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

It takes less than five minutes to have your profile approved. After you sign up and activate your account, you need to wait for a few minutes to log in and use the services.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

There are a few simple rules that will help you keep your account safe. Never send money to anyone. Create a really strong password. Do not share your data, especially login and password with anyone on the Web or in real life.

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