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Match Truly is a perfect international dating site for those who prefer getting to the point. No time wasting on ineffective matchmaking, no crushed expectations. Match Truly gives you more than just a Facebook photo to base your opinion on a person. It takes care of your security more than free dating sites that have deluged the Web and provides you with the best experience in finding a perfect match. The site has functioned on the market for a couple of years and even though its team doesn’t have as broad experience as decade-old platforms, it has gained a lot of users’ admiration.
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Match Truly Site Overview

Dating industry is living through challenging times – the rivalry in the field grows while lonesome people find it even more baffling to find the appropriate and suitable dating platform.

Single males and females all over the globe can make a sigh of relief as they no longer have to register on several dating sites to give them a shot. Match Truly has collected the best experience from prominent counterparts and combined them to provide the prime services.

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So what is Match Truly

Match Truly is a first-rate dating site that has challenged itself to win the admiration of various users. No matter who you are – either a single youngster or mercurial middle-aged divorcee – you can still find your love on Match Truly.

From this Match Truly review you will learn about the site’s most noticeable as well as hidden advantages and disadvantages. The rest will lie on your shoulders – use the most effective tools to meet your other half.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent for newbies and “professionals”
  • Access to a wide variety of females’ profiles from all over the globe
  • Consultations and support from special 24/7 team
  • Free and almost immediate registration
  • Clear usage and payment terms
  • Advanced services available under special conditions (payment)
  • Resembles the best dating sites instead of offering unique features

Ease of Use

Dating site Match Truly has been designed by a group of proficient programmers, who made sure the platform’s infrastructure is so simple that even babies can understand how to surf it. All the technical characteristics of the site signify that you will not have to waste your time or nerves on using it – only pleasure, only satisfaction.

So here’s what makes Match Truly a positive adventure:

  1. Free and almost light-speed registration. It will take you a few seconds to create an account on Match Truly. All you need to fill in the fields is your name, email, password, etc. Once your account got created, you get access to exploring the main features of the site. Also, you can browse through foreign girls’ profiles. However, if you want to get more things to do, you will have to upgrade to a paid membership, but it is rather a symbolic sum.
  2. Explicit questionnaires. Hopefully, you know how important it is to complete your profile. If you don’t, Match Truly will assist you. After registering you will have to set a profile by filling out some questionnaires and providing a description of your desired partner. This is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, it will help search algorithms on the Match Truly find you the most compatible ladies. Secondly, insightful answers and descriptions will attract the eye of single women and push them to write to you to inquire more about your characters.
  3. Potent search “engines.” No dating site is effective unless it has powerful search tools and matchmaking algorithms. Match Truly is rich in both. You can use a simple search or go for an extended one and look for women not only based on their age or location but also their habits, work, interests and so on.

Let’s continue our Match Truly review and see what else the site offers to its users. 

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Services & Support

Not likewise the majority of mediocre dating platforms that claim to handle “millions of marriages,” Match Truly remains realistic and instead of giving empty promises and claims, continually works on improving its services.

Communication Tools

What communication services does Match Truly provide? Here’s a little glance at them:

  • Instant messaging/texting/chat (immediate exchange of messages with women who are online)
  • Emailing (write more extended messages to your favorites)
  • Voice calls (listen to the voice of a preferable woman and see whether she meets your expectations)
  • Video calls (experience real-time communication and learn about the body language of a potential partner – it is a MUST before meeting offline)
  • Translation services (forget about language barriers – the site’s team will gladly help you get closer to the woman’s heart)
  • Virtual gifts and flowers (get her attention easily)


Match Truly can also boast about its effective and highly responsive support team. As long as it works 24/7, it is ready to answer any of your questions at any time. All you need to do is to send them a message in an appropriate field that you will easily find by navigating the site.

Here’s a set of pattern concerns that can prompt you to contact the support crew:

  • Registration
  • Payment options and methods
  • A suspicious member
  • Need for tips regarding dating/better communication with females
  • Use of search tools, etc.

There are many more questions with which you can disturb the support. Remember that whatever doubts you have, don’t hesitate to turn for help – Match Truly will help you shrug them off.

Number of Members

Match Truly has built an extended network of its members worldwide. The online community of this site comprises thousands of single women from various parts of the world and thousands of males from such Western-world countries as the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and EU states. The approximate gender breakdown is as follows: 57% and 43% respectively.

The Match Truly super-team makes sure they update the data bank of profiles daily. Thanks to this, there’s always someone for everybody on the site.

What is crucial to know is that on the site there are only determined single members, so registering on Match Truly you can be sure you will find people with same dating aspiration as you and your soulmates.

Quality of Profiles

Once again, profiles on Match Truly are formed thoroughly. Here’s what all profiles have:

  1. A photo/photo gallery (either professional or self-made)
  2. Initial user data (name, location, age, etc.)
  3. Additional info (self-descriptions)
  4. Expectations of a potential partner

Furthermore, some profiles may even contain videos on Match Truly. However, that’s not common as not all girls on the site, especially those living in rural areas, have access to web-cameras.

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Safety & Anti-Scam

Security on Match Truly is top-notch. The site has a scam-combating team which takes care of all users that register on the site. They pay most of the attention to female accounts as they are typically used for fraudulent purposes. Once the account is validating, it will appear in the system of the site.

But the site’s security department doesn’t stop there. It keeps checking accounts even afterward. No one is entirely safe so if you bump into a user who asks for payment information or spams, contact the support team. They will ban the user as soon as they close their probe.

Unfortunately, like most of the high-profile online dating sites, Match Truly doesn’t provide a 100% security to its users, yet it makes sure each of them knows negative aspects of interacting with people online. For this reason, the site stimulates users to get familiar with detailed security guidelines.

Overall, Match Truly stands out in terms of care about security and that’s a huge advantage of it compared to other dating sites.


Here are three things you need to know about payment issues on Match Truly:

  1. The payment system on Match Truly is transparent. You always know what you are paying for – no hidden services ever. To ensure this approach works, the site uses the credit-based system. Being proved by lots of outstanding dating sites, the credit-system is used nowadays more often than the subscription which requires monthly payments.
  2. According to this scheme, you purchase credits – dating site’s virtual coins – and later use them to pay for a certain number of services. Match Truly has a right to change the price for 1 minute of video calling or for 1 email, but you are always free to check out the latest changes in terms and conditions of the site.
  3. You also don’t need to worry about payment methods. Match Truly uses only proven means and carries out all transactions via verified and top-secured systems, supported by major businesses.

The Bottom Line

In brief, Match Truly is a perfect option for anyone who wants to experience affordable and painless dive into online dating. This site suits both novice users and “sharks” of online dating. Everything is thanks to its simplicity of use, the sufficient range of communication instruments, the high level of attention to security and support. But most importantly, Match Truly provides access to profiles of the best single ladies from each corner of the world. So if you are ready to end up your loneliness that’s your time – try Match Truly out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Match Truly dating site?

MatchTruly is a big and popular dating service, focused on Slavic countries (Russia, Ukraine, Poland). There are also thousands of ladies from Asian and European countries here, and of course, you can easily find thousands of girls from the USA on Match Truly. There are lots of communication methods and interesting premium features here, but this site does also offer many free services.

Is Match Truly free?

It`s not 100% free, but there are lots of free features here. Thus, the registration is free, as well as viewing all the profiles. You can see your perfect matches, use all the search filters, and view the photos of the women even if you have a standard, free membership. However, all the other services are fee-based.

How do Match Truly credits work?

The coolest thing about the credit system MatchTruly uses is that you don`t have to overpay. You only pay for the things you are going to use — so if you don`t want to use, say, video chat, you don`t need to pay for it. Here`s how it works: you buy credits, you send messages, and the credits are automatically deducted from your account.

How to create a profile on Match Truly?

First, you`ll have to enter some basic data. Then, you`ll have to create an account, to answer the questions, to add some info about yourself, and to upload several photos, of course. We don`t recommend to add too much personal information, but you should also know that empty profiles don`t get much attention. Keep the balance and everything will be ok.

Is Match Truly safe?

It works a lot to have reputation of the safest site ever. The website uses the latest encryption and protection technologies, such as SSL, and other certificates to keep your payment information safe. The payment pages are also fully protected, so you shouldn`t worry that someone can steal your money. It`s impossible here on MatchTruly.

How can I delete my Match Truly profile?

Technically, you can`t delete a profile on this dating site. However, it`s still possible to hide it from other people — you can change and remove all the personal information and make the profile look anonymous. If you remove the photo and all the personal data, it will be impossible to find this profile.

How many members does Match Truly have?

We don`t know the exact figure — as far as we know, this information isn`t public. But we can safely say that there are tens of thousands of women on Match Truly, and the absolute majority of them are from the Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. There are more women than men on this website (57% and 43%), and the quality of profiles is also very high here.

Can I use Match Truly anonymously?

No. Well, there is no such service as “Browse As Anonymous User” here, but who says that you need to have such service? The thing is, it`s possible to use fake email address, fake phone number (Google Voice will work great), and a fake name. That`s actually almost the same as anonymous browsing.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

It`s all about ID verification. You can be sure that they are real because the administration of MatchTruly verifies all the female profiles, which makes it impossible for a woman to create a fake profile on this website. 100% of the profiles are real on Match Truly, so you won`t find any scammers or fake accounts here.

Is messaging free?

No, it isn`t. As almost all dating services, Match Truly offers both free and paid services to its users, but unfortunately, messaging doesn`t fall into the first category. You can create an account, use search, and watch photos for free, but if you want to send an email, to use live chat, or to video chat with woman, you`ll have to buy “credits”.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

You don`t have to verify your ID on Match Truly, so you don`t need to wait. All you should do after the registration is verify your email, open the message from the website, and click on the “Verify” button. This whole process won`t take more than, say, 1 minute, and you`ll be able to start chatting with women right away.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

We can`t guarantee that 100% of the ladies on MatchTruly have good intentions, so here are 3 most important things you should do to not lose your account and your money. First, never send money to the girls — if one of them asks you to send her money, report this profile as a scam profile (it will be deleted soon after that). Second, use Google Image Search to find fake profiles. Third, don`t tell them too much — revealing too much personal information is never a good thing when it comes to online dating.

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