Polish Mail Order Brides

Polish women make perfect wives and wonderful girlfriends. Here’s how to date Polish girls.

Polish Mail Order Brides

Among all Central European women Polish mail order brides are believed to be extremely attractive. In general, Polish women make good spouses as they are altruistic and very devoted to families. Despite being traditional at some point, Polish girls still follow their agenda and focus on career. That’s why they draw the attention of foreign men – their determination at work and caring nature make it all. However, there is another reason why Polish women stand out among mail order brides – it is their Polish beauty. Hundreds of American, British, Western European, and Australian men come to Poland for these women.

Dating Polish Women: Why Are They Such Good Wives?

Astonishing Polish girls is what characterizes Poland as a country. Americans and Europeans regularly visit this Central European state, known for its traditions and conservatism, mostly for one reason – to find Polish mail order brides. But what is the secret of Polish single’s magnetizing power?

Here we will draw the line between Polish women’s personal traits, Polish beauty and their ability to attract men as well as look at what Westerners need to do to date Polish ladies successfully.

What Makes Polish Women Good Spouses?

Poland is a country of contrasts, and it affects their women a lot. More than 85% of Polish people are Catholics. Due to this, many Polish women have traditional views. Let’s take a handful of examples:

  1. Polish girls do not jump head first into relationships but if they begin building them;
  2. They take their time before becoming sexually intimate with a man;
  3. They give all of them to their partners and families once they decide it’s time.

Nevertheless, Poland is also a European, progressive country. A plethora of Polish women is educated, and a significant part of them has education in technical disciplines. Some of them enjoy climbing the career ladder, while the others get satisfied with average employment positions.

So even though Polish women have generally the same approach to relationships as Russian girls (‘a man is in charge’), they are more westernized than the latter.

After all, what unites all of the types of Polish ladies is their determination concerning the creation of a family in the future.

Here are the main Polish mail order brides traits that make them perfect wives.


  • They have a positive attitude to life and are resilient;
  • Polish girls follow their agenda but are also dedicated to their relationships and families;
  • Tolerant in expressing noncompliance with men, non-aggressive in relationships;
  • Polish girls are well-mannered and polite;
  • Intelligent, well-educated and naturally smart;
  • Polish brides look for healthy, harmonized relationships and never rush to get married just because the society tells them to do so;
  • They prefer to choose a man for life, not for a one-night stand or a short-term relationship;
  • They aren’t as tangential as most Eastern European girls but straightforward – if they want something, they will say it directly with no hesitation;
  • They are devotees of monogamy and don’t stand men cheating.

Polish Beauty

  • Polish singles are naturally beautiful and embrace their authenticity, that’s why they don’t wear tons of makeup;
  • They express their sexiness not via exposing their half-naked bodies but via their posture and modest fashion-taste;
  • As Polish are Western Slavs, most Polish single girls are either blonde or brown-haired with light eyes – blue, green, gray or hazel;
  • Some Polish girls are described as Amazonian (with some male features like square-shaped face), whereas the others are thought to look like supermodels;
  • On the whole, Polish brides neither are tall nor short, as well as they have an hourglass body shape.

Why Polish Women are Good Wives - Conclusion

All these features of Slavic females and Polish beauty make foreigners come to Poland and seek Polish girls for marriage. Marrying a Polish woman means uniting your heart with a faithful, family-devoted and balanced person who Polish ladies are.

Educated and thoughtful, Polish mail brides also know how to deal with social morals. Expected to get married soon, Polish girls do not hurry but observe their potential husbands to see whether they are trustworthy and reliable enough.

Polish singles aren’t that type of women who imagine their wedding day right after the man says ‘hello’ to them. They are sedate and will make you wait long before you hear from them ‘I love you.’ For this reason, men from certain cultures may even think Polish women are Slavic ice-maids.

How to Date Polish Girls and Make Them Fall in Love With You?

As you have understood, it is arduous to induce a Polish woman into marriage, but if she is a mail order bride, she has undoubtedly weighed all pros and cons of being with a foreign man. Thus, you need to match her expectations.

For Polish dating US men, for example, need to learn some essential rules to succeed:

  1. Give her flowers;
  2. Kiss her hand;
  3. Pay for her in a restaurant (if she agrees);
  4. Respect her and accept the way she is.

All in all, knighthood will strengthen your hand in wooing a Polish lady. But whichever approach you take, remember to be yourself when looking for a Polish wife.

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