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Dream Marriage Site Overview

Love lives everywhere, and it can be found both in real life and online. Internet dating is already a trend, and nobody considers it strange or frivolous. You can date a girl online, and other people would treat it as a real thing.

But we aren’t here to talk about other people and their view on Internet dating. We are here because you are interested in a marriage with a girl from abroad.

Nowadays there are many mail-order bride websites where anyone can find a wife. You pay for the communication services and establish a relationship. After a few real-life meetings, you can decide to make the nest, more serious step together with your lady.

Some sites are general, and there are women from all over the world. Some are specialized, and they gather ladies from a particular part of the world. One of the most famous directions is Eastern Europe. Many men dream to get themselves a Slavic wife because they are well-known for their stunning beauty and great skill of house-making.

Dream Marriage is a bright example of a high-quality Slavic dating venue, where you can find a decent partner and even marry her after a while. The site provides you with various services for communication and supports you at every stage of your acquaintance.

About Dream Marriage

Dream Marriage is a dating website that specializes in Eastern European beauties. The main focus is on Russian and Ukrainian singles, but you can also find there some girls from other countries of that area. They all are very well-looking, and each of them is online for a reason: they want to find themselves a foreigner. In Ukraine and Russia it is a common practice to date and marry foreigners, so ladies of different ages do online dating in hope for a lucky chance.As for the Dream Marriage, it is a good source to start your search. It is convenient and reliable, with a good reputation. Although you may not have heard of it before, the site is very efficient, in fact. It has already put together many couples, and they share their love stories online. Read them for an inspiration!

Dream Marriage’s setting

As the other dating venues, Dream Marriage has a very simple structure, so even the new-comers can understand how to use it. The interface is very user-friendly, and you can navigate around the site intuitively, without any help. However, the tech support is advanced, and if you have any questions or misunderstandings, you can contact them to fix the problem.

You can register on Dream Marriage in a minute or two, and it is free of charge. Add some basic info about yourself and don’t forget to upload some photos! There you go, your account is complete, and you can start looking through the female profiles – that also doesn’t require any payment. You can send winks and smiles to draw women’s attention to your personality – this way they will notice you and maybe show the desire to start a conversation. 

What you can do

The list of services Dream Marriage offers is not much different from those the other mail order bride websites provide. Well, it is not a surprise because all of these dating platforms have one aim: to help people from different countries communicate with each other. Hence, all of the services are about communication.

So, with the assistance of Dream Marriage’s team you can send the ladies emails or chat with them online. Text messages are the most common form if interaction online for today, so no wonder this mean of talking is also popular on the dating sites.

Watch the introduction videos women have uploaded online to tell you more about themselves. It is a funny way to spend your time and also a chance to know more about the ladies. They don’t tell some things in their profiles, but videos can show more.

Live Videos, or video chats, are also available at Dream Marriage, so you can see your lady in the real time. It is an interesting way of interaction, especially for those people who haven’t yet met in real life. It is also very exciting, as you get to know the person closer and develop a desire to get your relationship offline finally.

If you are eager to meet in reality, Dream Marriage is ready to help with that. The site’s team can arrange an individual tour to Ukraine or Russia, where you will meet the woman you like and get the chance to spend some time with her (even in private).

By the way, Dream Marriage can also assist you with apartments rent. You can ask for the rent for an appointment, and Dream Marriage will do that for you. It eases the date a lot because you don’t have to deal with the unnecessary details in a foreign country, so the site’s service is a real help in this case.

As for the language, you can get a translation service as well. You might not know Russian, and not all of the Slavic girls are very fluent in English. Everything, starting with the messages and finishing with the dialogues on the real meeting, can be translated – ask the professional to help.

How to stay safe

Dream Marriage has a big database that extends weekly when new female members register on the site. Hence, the administration cares about the customers’ safety a lot, that’s why the site has a smart and effective anti-fraud policy.

Any member can go through the verification process. The local agencies check ladies at random, so each of their profiles will be verified sooner or later. Those profiles that have passed the check have the marks.

There are also some dating tips on the site so that you can make your communication with Slavic beauties interesting, efficient and safe.

Total score 9.3
Editor's score 9.3
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Customer Service
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User's score 9.2
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Number of Members
Quality of Profiles
Safety & Anti-Scam
Value for Money

The payment

Dream Marriage has a credit system: every kind of subscription that is available for you equals a pack of credits you can spend on various services. You can buy a subscription according to your need and intentions. There are Silver, Gold, Platinum and even Diamond subscription for the craziest fans of Dream Marriage.

40 Credits
Visit Site
95 Credits
Visit Site
175 Credits
Visit Site
310 Credits
Visit Site
435 Credits
Visit Site
900 Credits
Visit Site

You have to estimate your activity. If you plan to chat with no more than 10 women a month, Silver will be enough for you, but if you want more interaction with Russian and Ukrainian girls, you might need a golden or Platinum subscription.

Register on Dream Marriage, and you will see how it can change your life. Add some positive experience, and you will never forget your little romantic adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DreamMarriage dating site?

DreamMarriage is a popular dating service that is focused on the ladies from Eastern Europe. It has a good reputation, it's not so expensive, and we believe that you just can't ignore it if you want to find a Slavic girl. It offers lots of free and paid features, so you won’t be disappointed.

Is DreamMarriage free?

Yes... If the only thing you want to do is to create an account. Sending messages and using live/video chat isn't free — all the communication methods aren't available for basic users. However, you still can use both basic and advanced search filters, view the photos of ladies, and show that you're interested even without credits.

How do DreamMarriage credits work?

First, you buy credits. Then, you buy a premium subscription. Yes, unfortunately, it isn't the cheapest dating service in the world — while the absolute majority of such sites have either a premium subscription system or a credit system, this site has both. The higher the level of your subscription is, the fewer credits you will spend on using live chat and sending messages.

How to create a profile on DreamMarriage?

Username, email, password, gender, country. You'll only have to enter these four things to create an account on Dream Marriage dating site — after that, you'll be able to start using all the features of this website. It's very simple, it's fast, and, as we've said, the registration is free here.

Is DreamMarriage safe?

Yes. All the data is protected (both your personal and financial information), the site obtains a valid SSL certificate, and the payments are protected, so no one will steal your money or intercept your personal data. The ladies are also real, and the number of scammers is extremely low — we haven't found any real reviews from people who were scammed on Dream Marriage.

How can I delete my DreamMarriage profile?

Just as the majority of modern dating sites, DreamMarriage doesn’t have such an option (or we just couldn’t find it). You can’t delete a profile, but here’s what you can do: you can make it look like it’s not yours. Change the name, delete all your photos, change the email address, and no one will ever find out that John Doe #50,000 has anything to do with you.

How many members does DreamMarriage have?

Dozens or even hundreds of thousands, as the statistics says. There is no public information about the number of members on DreamMarriage to be shared, but according to our research, it's not lower than 50,000. The majority of the members are women — the gender ratio is 7:1 on this site.

Can I use DreamMarriage anonymously?

Some sites offer anonymous profiles as a premium feature, but not DreamMarriage. The point is, they don’t need your ID, and they don’t need you to enter your real name and your real email address. What’s more, they don’t even need you to upload a real photo. So, you can create an anonymous profile even if Dream Marriage doesn’t have such a feature!

How can I know that the profiles are real?

They have hundreds of offices in the Eastern European countries, and the ladies can’t create an account on Dream Marriage if they haven’t verified their ID in one of these offices. So, 100% of the ladies are real here — no scammers, no fake profiles, no need to worry about it.

Is messaging free?

No, it is paid. Only registration and searching for women are free, but not messaging. Sending a message is the cheapest option, and it makes sense that video chat is much more expensive. However, you can save money if you buy a premium account — as we’ve said, the higher the level of the membership is, the less you’ll have to pay.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

1 or 2 seconds. The point is, you shouldn’t wait when you use Dream Marriage — everything is done instantly and automatically, and you can start viewing the profiles and photos of the ladies right after the registration. ID verification is also extremely fast, so you won’t have to wait for more than several minutes.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Dream Marriage is a 100% safe website, and there are no scammers on it. But the rules are always the same — if you want to have safe international dating experience, don’t tell women too much about yourself, don’t send them money, and don’t click on phishing links. It’s simple as that.

Happy couples
Max & Svetlana Max & Svetlana
It works, that’s all I have to say. I came here for a woman, and I found her eventually. Not on the very first day, yes, but I didn’t expect to. If you also dream to get a Moscow girl, you can start the search here. As for me, I’m satisfied.
Gregory & Alina Gregory & Alina
Moscow Brides helped me a lot in my research. When I decided to marry a foreign man, this is exactly where I started looking for the info. I like how structured and informative the site is, how much you can know here. THere are not so many people who can tell you about international marriage online, you know. Here I freely browsed and collected the data. Thanks a lot!
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